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SEAL KIT 1247012 - Caterpillar

1247012 SEAL KIT Caterpillar parts SEAL
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 1247012 SEAL KIT
Weight: 0.35 pounds 0 kg.

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2. The tool parts shown above will be needed for nozzle removal.3. Disconnect and remove the rocker shaft, see the Service Manual for procedure. 4. Disconnect fuel line (2) and nozzle fuel line (3), and remove adapter (4) from the cylinder head. Remove bolt (5) and the clamp. 5. Install 6V4151 Leg (6) in the hole with threads where the rocker shaft was fastened. Install 6V4149 Jaw (7) and 6V4152 Screw (8) on fuel nozzle (9). [Jaw (7) will slide into notches in nozzle (9).] 6. Install 6V4150 Leg (10) in 6V4153 Plate (11) and install the plate over leg (6) and screw (8). 7. Install the nut and the washer on screw (8), and using a wrench as shown, remove the nozzle.3300 Engine Fuel Injection Nozzles (7N0449)
1. The tool parts shown above are needed to remove the fuel injection nozzles from this model engine.2. Disconnect the fuel lines and remove the nozzle hold down clamp from both the nozzle to be removed and the nozzle next to it. 3. Install 6V4151 Leg (1) next to the nozzle to be removed. Install 6V4150 Leg (2) in the hole with threads in it by the next nozzle. Put 6V4149 Jaw (3) and 6V4152 Screw (4) on the injector that is to be removed. 4. Put 6V4054 Puller (5) on legs (1) and (2) and install 0S1618 Bolt (6) as shown. Install 1B4206 Nut (7) and 2S5658 Washer on screw (4). Remove the injector.3204 Engine Fuel Injection Nozzles (1W3996)
1. Loosen fuel line (1) and move adapter (2) to get clearance for nozzle removal. Remove bolt (3) and the clamp. 2. Install 6V4152 Screw (4) and 6V6978 Head (5) on the nozzle. Install the remainder of the parts of the nozzle puller group as shown. 3. Be sure 6V6979 Leg (6) is on top of the rocker shaft mount bolt (7). Use a wrench to hold screw (4) so it will not turn while the injector is being removed.3300 Engine Fuel Injection Nozzles (8N7001, 8N7002, 8N7003, 8N7005)
The 6V6980 Nozzle Puller Group is used to remove the fuel injection nozzles for these engines. 1. Disconnect the fuel line and remove the hold down clamp and bolt from the nozzle, but do not remove the nozzle bleed screw. Turn screw (1) out until the button on the screw almost makes contact with the inside of the nozzle puller. Tilt the tool approximately 45° and put it over the nozzle.2. Tilt the puller up so the inside lip of the puller is under the stepped diameter of the nozzle, and bleed screw (2) is in hole (A). 3. Turn screw (1) down until the button goes into the bolt hole for the nozzle hold down clamp. 4. Turn screw (1) to lift the nozzle out of its bore. If necessary, after the nozzle is loose in its bore, move it up and down to help loosen any carbon and make removal easier. If fuel injection nozzle removal is still difficult, it is permissible to

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