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1C3958 SEAL Caterpillar parts SEAL
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Caterpillar 1C3958 SEAL
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This instruction gives the procedure for mounting and demounting a tire on a one piece rim. This is adaptable for tubeless tires only, because of the location of the air valve in the rim. See Caterpillar Tool Guide for tire tools necessary to mount and demount the tire.Reference: Caterpillar Tool Guide, Operation and Maintenance Guide.
Servicing and changing tires and rims can be dangerous and should be done only by trained personnel using proper tools and procedures. If correct procedures are not followed while servicing tires and rims, the assemblies could burst with explosive force and cause serious personal injury or death. Follow carefully the specific information provided.
Demounting the Tire
1. Lay the tire and rim down with the valve up. Remove the valve core and deflate the tire completely. 2. Drive the tire bead off the bead seat on both sides of the rim.3. Lubricate the rim flange and tire bead. Use 5P3975 Rubber Lubricant or equivalent. 4. With the valve up and starting at the valve, pry the bead over the rim flange. 5. Continue around the rim until the top bead is completely over the rim flange. 6. Turn the tire and rim over. Lubricate the tire bead and rim flange. 7. Raise the rim and position the bead into the recessed area of the rim. Insert a lever and push down to raise the rim out of the tire.8. Check the rim for any damage.Mounting the tire
1. Clean the bead seat area on both sides of the rim.2. Lay the rim down with the narrow rim base on top. Lubricate the top rim flange and both bead seats. Use 5P3975 Rubber Lubricant or equivalent. 3. Position the tire for correct rotation on the rim and in a slanting direction as shown. 4. Put a vise grip pliers on the top rim flange as shown. Use a sledge hammer to drive the bead of the tire over the top rim flange. Continue around the rim flange until the bottom bead has dropped completely over the top rim flange. Remove the vise grip pliers. 5. Lubricate the top bead of the tire. 6. Insert a bar between the bead of the tire and the rim flange to force the bead over and under the flange of the rim. 7. Continue to go around the rim forcing the tire bead over the rim flange. Use a sledge hammer to drive the remaining bead over the flange to complete the mounting.
Use a self-attaching inflating chuck and stand behind the tread when inflating a tire.Proper inflating equipment, and training in using the equipment, are necessary to avoid overinflating. A tire blowout or rim failure can result from improper or misused equipment.Before inflating tire, install on the machine or put tire in restraining device.
Set the tire inflating equipment regulator at no more than 140 kPa (20 psi) over the recommended tire pressure.
8. With the valve core removed, use the 7S9394 Air Service Connection Assembly, inflate the tire to the pressure recommended in

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