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SEAL-PACKING 2333633 - Caterpillar

2333633 SEAL-PACKING Caterpillar parts SEAL
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 2333633 SEAL-PACKING

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Table 1
Warning Category Warning Indications (1) Required Operator Action Possible Result (2)
Alert Indicator Flashes (3) Action Lamp Flashes Action Alarm Sounds
1 X No immediate action required. The system needs attention soon. No harmful or damaging effects.
2 X X Change machine operation or perform maintenance to the system. Severe damage to components.
2-S X X X (4) Immediately change the machine operation. Severe damage to machine components.
3 X X X (5) None. Engine will immediately perform a safe shutdown. Operator injury or severe damage to components.
(1) The warning indications which are active, are marked with an "X".
(2) This is the possible result if no operator action is taken.
(3) At a 10 Hz rate.
(4) The alarm is on continuously.
(5) Pulsating alarm.
Illustration 1 g00302063
Quad Gauge Module
(1) Gauge warning area.
(2) Pictograph symbol.
Illustration 2 g00427600
Speedometer/Tachometer Module
(3) Tachometer.
(4) Pictograph symbol.
(5) Ground speed readout.
(6) Transmission gear readout.
Illustration 3 g00302085
Main Display Module
(7) Alert indicator.
(8) Display area.
Illustration 4 g00815500
Lamp/Gear Module
(9) Pictograph symbols.
(10) Tachometer.
(11) Transmission gear readout and direction. The Caterpillar Monitoring System notifies the operator of an immediate problem with a machine system or an impending problem with a machine system. Warning operation begins, when the main display module receives a problem signal. The problem signal reflects an abnormal condition of the machine . Warning operation also begins, when the main display module detects a problem with the control system. Switches, sensors and other electronic control modules on the machine provide signals to the main display module. The problem signals are the following conditions:
An open switch. When a condition exceeds the trip point of the switch, the switch opens.
A sensor signal exceeds the limits. The main display module determines the limits.
Another condition is an abnormal condition that is detected by another electronic control module. The abnormal condition is then communicated over the Cat Data Link to the main display module. The main display module analyzes the problem signals. In order to notify the operator of a warning, the display components on the main display module activate the appropriate warning indication. The following warning indications will notify the operator:
The alert indicator FLASHES approximately nine times per second.
The action lamp FLASHES for one second and the action lamp is OFF for two seconds.
The action alarm SOUNDS for one second and the action alarm is OFF for two seconds.
The action alarm SOUNDS continuously when the highest warning level is 2-S.Note: In order to activate warning indications, more than one input is required. The main display module decides when the warning indications are activated.Problems from the machine system are classified into three warning categories. The categories are based on the severity of the problem. The categories also dictate the required response of the operator. Warning category 1 represents the least severe problem and warning category 3 represents the most severe problem. The warning categories are identified for the operator according to the combination of warning indications that are active. See the table for Warning Operation. Note: See the Operation And Maintenance Manual for complete information on the Warning Operation.

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