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SEAL-PACKING 2333648 - Caterpillar

2333648 SEAL-PACKING Caterpillar parts SEAL
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Caterpillar 2333648 SEAL-PACKING

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Illustration 11 g00524259
Use Tool (A) in order to install retaining ring (25) onto pump housing (5).
The following procedure illustrates the assembly of rotator assembly (14). However, rotator assembly (14) is only serviced as a complete package.
Illustration 12 g00524255
Illustration 13 g00571533
Install three pins (20) and pin keeper (21) into block (18).
Install washer (22) and spring (23) into block (18).
Personal injury can result from being struck by parts propelled by a released spring force.Make sure to wear all necessary protective equipment.Follow the recommended procedure and use all recommended tooling to release the spring force.
Use a suitable press and Tool (C) in order to compress spring (23).
Use Tool (A) in order to install retaining ring (24) into block (18).
Illustration 14 g00524254
Install pivot bushing (19) onto block (18).
Illustration 15 g00524250
Illustration 16 g00524241
Install nine pistons (15) into spider (16).
Install spider (16) and nine pistons (15) into block (18).
Install pivot bushing (17) into spider (16).
Illustration 17 g00524239
Position pump housing (5), as shown. Install rotator assembly (14) into pump housing (5).
Illustration 18 g00524235
Use Tooling (B) (not shown) in order to install bearing (12) into plate assembly (8). Press bearing (12) into plate assembly (8) until countersunk 1.14 mm (0.045 inch).
Apply 9S-3263 Thread Lock Compound to the threads of pin (13). Install pin (13) to plate assembly (8). Torque pin (13) to a torque of 11 1.3 N m (97.4 11.5 lb in).
Illustration 19 g00524229
Install two pins (10) onto plate assembly (8).
Install piston (11) onto plate assembly (8).
Install gasket (9) onto plate assembly (8).
Illustration 20 g00524230
Apply 9S-3263 Thread Lock Compound to the threads of two bolts (7) and four bolts (6).
Use two bolts (7) and four bolts (6) in order to connect pump housing (5) with plate assembly (8). Note: Use pins (10) in order to align pump housing (5) with plate assembly (8).
Tighten two bolts (7) and four bolts (6) evenly. Tighten each of the bolts evenly by one revolution in order to draw plate assembly (8) evenly against pump housing (5).
After plate assembly (8) is seated evenly with pump housing (5), torque two bolts (7) and four bolts (6) evenly. Torque two bolts (7) and four bolts (6) to a torque of 51 3.5 N m (37.6 2.6 lb ft).
Illustration 21 g00523860
Illustration 22 g00523858
Apply 9S-3263 Thread Lock Compound to the threads of four socket head bolts (3).
Use four socket head bolts (3) in order to install gasket (4) and compensator valve (2) onto piston pump (1). Tighten four bolts (3) to a torque of 17.5 1.5 N m (12.91 1.106 lb ft). End By:
Install the piston pump (steering). Refer to Disassembly and Assembly, "Piston Pump (Steering) - Install".
Adjust the steering pump pressure. Refer to Testing and Adjusting, SENR1492, "Piston Pump (Steering) - Test and Adjust".

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