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SEAL-PISTON 2333727 - Caterpillar

2333727 SEAL-PISTON Caterpillar parts SEAL
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 2333727 SEAL-PISTON
Weight: 0.09 pounds 0 kg.

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Illustration 24 g00335478
Track Slippage - The percent of track slippage can be displayed by pressing "SLIP" symbol (1) on the Machine Performance Monitor. The word "SLIP" (2) will be displayed. A value for track slippage (3) will also be displayed. The value for track slippage is calculated by comparing the estimated ground speed with the true ground speed. The estimated ground speed is indicated by the transmission output speed sensor. True ground speed is indicated by the ground speed sensor.
The radar ground speed sensor emits a low intensity microwave signal which will not cause any ill effects in normal use. Although the signal intensity is low, do not look directly into the face of the sensor while in operation so as to avoid eye damage.
Note: The machine must be equipped with a ground speed sensor.The Machine Performance Monitor automatically zeroes the track slippage as a reference. If necessary, manually zero the track slippage. Use the following procedure.
Raise the implement and drive the machine at a constant speed of less than 16 km/h (10 mph). Drive the machine in the same conditions as you will operate the machine.
Select the "SLIP" symbol (1) and hold down the "START/STOP" switch (4) for at least three seconds. A "0" in the display indicates that the zero percent reference has been recalibrated. An audible beep will also sound.Note: The machine is designed to operate with typical track slippage of 2% to 6%. See Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Counterweight -Adjusting Machine Balance" for additional information on reducing track slippage if values are greater than 2% to 6%.
Illustration 25 g00335560
Slip Alarm - The slip alarm alerts the operator if the track slippage exceeds a preset amount. Press the "SLIP" symbol (1) in order to activate the slip alarm. An alarm will sound for one second if track slippage exceeds the preset amount. The word "ALARM" (2) will also flash. The Machine Performance Monitor will still monitor track slippage while other functions are selected. The following items are displayed if track slippage exceeds the preset amount.
The "% SLIP" legend (3) is displayed.
An "ALARM" legend (2) that flashes for five seconds.
A one second alarm will sound.The "ALARM" legend (2) will continue to flash until the track slippage falls below the preset value. Note: The machine must be equipped with a ground speed sensor.The percent of slippage can be set by the operator. See Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Programming Electronic Monitoring Center" for more information.Note: A percent of slippage that is too low may activate the slip alarm during turns.Note: See Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Three-Point Hitch Controls" for information about slip limit override.
Illustration 26 g00335579
Battery Voltage - The battery voltage can be displayed by pressing "SETUP/SELECT" switch (1) on the Machine Performance Monitor. The word "VOLTS" (2) will be displayed and the digital reading will be displayed for battery voltage. The battery voltage is displayed in one-tenth increments.
Illustration 27 g00335580
PTO Speed - Press the "SETUP/SELECT" switch (1) again in order to enter the display for the PTO. The word "1000

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