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Caterpillar 2333856 SEAL-PISTON

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Install Tooling (C) onto bearing cage assembly (24). Attach Tooling (C) to a suitable lifting device and a hoist.
Use Tooling (C) and the hoist to position bearing cage assembly (24) onto the transfer case assembly, as shown. The weight of bearing cage assembly (24) is 25 kg (55 lb).
Remove Tooling (C) from bearing cage assembly (24).
Illustration 32 g00532669
Use 16 bolts (23) and the washers to install bearing cage assembly (24) to the transfer case assembly. Evenly tighten 16 bolts (23) to a torque of 135 20 N m (99.57 14.75 lb ft).
Illustration 33 g00565686Note: Zero the dial indicator on top of the end play measuring tool. Use a pry bar to lift the end play measuring tool. Use the dial indicator to measure the end play.
Install Tooling (D), as shown. Use Tooling (D) to measure the end play between bearing cage assembly (24) and the transfer case assembly. Record this measurement.
Remove Tooling (D).
Repeat Steps 42.a through 42.n until a total end play of 0.10 to 0.18 mm (0.004 to 0.007 inch) is obtained.
Illustration 34 g00532668
Insert output shaft (22) into the transfer case assembly, as shown.
Install retaining ring (21) to secure output shaft (22).
Illustration 35 g00532665
Install ball (20) into support housing assembly (16).
Install two O-ring seals (19) onto support housing assembly (16).
Illustration 36 g00566377
Use Tool (F) to install retaining ring (18) into the groove of center shaft (17).
Illustration 37 g00532660
Use a pair of pliers to compress retaining ring (18).
Install support housing assembly (16) onto center shaft (17), as retaining ring (18) is being compressed.
Illustration 38 g00532633
Position center shaft (17) and support housing assembly (16) into the transfer case assembly, as shown.
Use eight bolts (15) and the washers to install support housing assembly (16) to the transfer case assembly. Evenly Tighten eight bolts (15) to a torque of 410 50 N m (302.4 36.9 lb ft).
Illustration 39 g00532630
Insert speed drive shaft (14) into the end of the transfer case assembly, as shown.
Illustration 40 g00565808
Position retainer (9) onto sensor rotor (11), as shown.
Use Tool (B) (not shown) and a suitable press to install ball bearing (13) onto sensor rotor (11).
Install retaining ring (12) onto sensor rotor (11).
Illustration 41 g00532620
Use four bolts (10) and the washers to install retainer (9) and sensor rotor (11) to sensor housing (7).
Illustration 42 g00532618
Use five bolts (5), five grommets (6), the washers and the spacers to install sensor housing (7) and spacer (8) onto the transfer case assembly.
Illustration 43 g00532595
Position universal joint yoke (3) and O-ring seal (4) onto the transfer gear.
Illustration 44 g00532585
Install bolt (1) and retainer (2) to install universal joint yoke (3) onto the transfer gear.End By:
Assemble the transmission planetary. Refer to Disassembly and Assembly, "Transmission Planetary - Assemble".

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