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SEAL, POCKET 70000238 - Caterpillar

70000238 SEAL, POCKET Caterpillar parts CB-614 SEAL
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Caterpillar 70000238 SEAL, POCKET

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Hydraulic Schematic For Swing Right
Illustration 1 g00756443
Hydraulic schematic for swing right (1) Swing motor (2) Swing parking brake (3) Passage (4) Passage (5) Spool (6) Control valve for swing parking brake (7) Motor rotary group (8) Line (9) Line (10) Pilot line (11) Pilot line (12) Main control valve (13) Line (14) Line (15) Line (16) Passage (17) Orifice (18) Passage (19) Load check valve (20) Passage (21) Passage (22) Swing control valve (23) Passage (24) Bucket control valve (25) Boom I control valve (26) Attachment control valve (27) Passage (28) Return passage (29) Stick I control valve (30) Parallel feeder passage (31) Slow return check valve (32) Line (33) Pilot control valve (swing and stick) (34) Line (35) Hydraulic activation control valve (36) Pilot oil manifold (37) Right pump (38) Left pump (39) Pilot pump (40) Drain line (41) Hydraulic oil tank (42) Passage (43) Passage (44) Pilot lineSwing Control
Swing motor (1) is driven by pressure oil from right pump (37). When the swing control lever is moved, swing parking brake (2) is released. The motor rotary group (7) of the swing motor (1) starts to rotate.The swing drive reduces the motor speed through two stages of gear reduction before rotating the upper structure.Swing Right Operation
Illustration 2 g00870408
Swing motor (8) Line (9) LineWhen the control lever is moved to the SWING RIGHT position, pilot oil from pilot control valve (33) goes through pilot line (11) to swing control valve (22). The stem in swing control valve (22) is shifted downward by the pilot oil in order to connect passage (20) to passage (21) .Right pump oil is supplied to passage (20) through parallel feeder passage (30) and load check valve (19). From passage (20), the oil goes through passage (21), and line (9) to the motor rotary group (7). At this time, the swing parking brake is released.Return oil from the motor rotary group (7) goes through line (8) to swing control valve (22). The return oil then goes through return passage (27) to return line (28). The motor rotary group (7) of the swing motor rotates the upper structure for a RIGHT SWING operation.Swing Parking Brake Operation
ON Position
Illustration 3 g00870416
Swing motor (control valve for swing parking brake) (6) Control valve for swing parking brake (13) Pilot line (14) LinePilot oil from pilot pump (39) enters pilot manifold (36). This oil separates into two paths. One pilot oil (43) goes through hydraulic activation control valve (35), line (32), and line (14) to the control valve for swing parking brake (6). Pilot oil (42) flows through line (10), orifice (17), and main control valve (12). The pilot oil then separates into two paths.Pilot oil (23) goes through the following control valves and returns to the hydraulic tank (41) : swing control valve (22), stick I control valve (29), attachment control valve (26), boom I control valve (25) and bucket control valve (24). Pilot oil (16) flows through line (13) to control valve (6) for the swing parking brake. Oil flow in

Caterpillar parts catalog:

Caterpillar parts catalog

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