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3157508 SENSOR GP-MTG& Caterpillar parts SENSOR
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Caterpillar 3157508 SENSOR GP-MTG&

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Table 7
Standard ANSI B16.5 Dimensions
Nom. Pipe Size Flange Diameter (O.D.) Flange Thickness (Q) Hub Dia at Base (X) Raised Face Dia. (F) Hub Dia. at Welding Point (H) Bore Diameter (B)
Welding Neck and Socket Weld (B1) Slip-On and Socket Weld Min. (B2) Lap Joint Min. (B3)
1/2 3.50 0.44 1.19 1.38 .84 .62 .86 .90
3/4 3.88 0.50 1.50 1.69 1.05 .82 1.09 1.11
1 4.25 0.56 1.94 2.00 1.32 1.05 1.36 1.38
1 1/4 4.62 0.62 2.31 2.50 1.66 1.38 1.70 1.72
1 1/2 5.00 0.69 2.56 2.88 1.90 1.61 1.95 1.97
2 6.00 0.75 3.06 3.62 2.38 2.07 2.44 2.46
2 1/2 7.00 0.88 3.56 4.12 2.88 2.47 2.94 2.97
3 7.50 0.94 4.25 5.00 3.50 3.07 3.57 3.60
3 1/2 8.50 0.94 4.81 5.50 4.00 3.55 4.07 4.10 Separator Cleaning Procedure
Illustration 47 g03699877It is recommended that this procedure is carried out with every coalescer change to ensure full potential and longer life of the separator. Make sure that hands are kept clean and free of grease or other contamination throughout the cleansing operation. It is also recommended that gloves (preferably thin rubber) be worn throughout this operation to avoid contact between bare hands and the separator screen / mesh.
CAREFULLY remove each element from the filter separator.
Submerge the element in clean, dry fuel and wash it using a gentle, reciprocating action, holding the element first by one end cap and then the other. (DO NOT touch the separator screen/mesh with your bare hands, or allow any grease to come into contact with the element.)
Holding the element by the endcaps, visually inspect the entire surface of the screen for damage and contamination. If there are any visible flaws or debris that have not been removed by washing, the cartridge should be replaced.
While separator is fuel wet, hold the element horizontal and allow tap water to drip onto the screen. The water must not be sprayed and it must not fall more than 3" (7.5 cm) before contacting the screen. The water will run off instantly if the element is not contaminated. Continue testing the element by slowly rotating and moving it back and forth until the entire surface has been tested. If the water does not run off, but disappears through the screen and is found inside the element, then the element has to be further cleaned as described in step 2.
If the element passes the surface inspection (step 3) and the water test (step 4), rinse it thoroughly in clean fuel to remove traces of water and air dry prior to reinstalling.
If the element fails the water test (step 4), it may be further cleaned by repeating the cleaning stage (step 2) using isopropyl alcohol in place of fuel. After cleaning, the element should be drained and rinsed in clean, dry fuel to remove all traces of isopropyl alcohol if used. Another alternative is to use a spray of hot water (not from a pressure washer). Allow the cartridge to fully dry. After using either procedure, repeat the water test (step 4). If the element does

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