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SHAFT 1C4006 - Caterpillar

1C4006 SHAFT Caterpillar parts SHAFT
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 1C4006 SHAFT
Weight: 6 pounds 2 kg.

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3. Install the new Program Module into the empty socket. The Module and socket are keyed so it can only be installed in the correct (seated) position.4. Locate small connector (2), near the upper right corner of the battery holder which has two wires coming from it.5. Separate connector (2) by pulling gently on the plug.This will disconnect the batteries from the indicator to prevent damage while changing the program module.Once the connector is separated, two pins will be seen on the part of the connector still attached to the circuit board.6. Use a screwdriver or paper clip to short these two pins together for at least five seconds.Reconnect the two halves of the two pin connector and push them together until they snap into place.This will reset the indicator microprocessor.7. Install the rear cover and the six screws.8. Turn the indicator ON and check for correct operation.Checking the Operation of the 1U9801 Ultrasonic Wear Indicator
The following procedure may be used to check the operation of the 1U9801 Indicator and 4C5485 Probe.The only components required for the test are the 1U9801 Indicator, 4C5485 Probe, and 1U9802 Couplant.Perform all the procedures as shown in Operating Instructions for the 1U9801 Ultrasonic Wear Indicator, in this publication.Instead of measuring undercarriage components, the 6.3MM (.25 IN) calibration disk should be measured and the MEASURED and saved, and the MEMORY VALUE displays checked for accurate readings.Alternate Method for Checking the Operation of the 1U9801 Ultrasonic Wear Indicator
An alternate method is to measure a known thickness of undercarriage steel.1. Check the display of the undercarriage storage locations for one machine.During this test, use all front panel keys to be sure they operate correctly.If the indicator does not operate properly during this test, refer to the topic Troubleshooting, in this publication.2. Next, test the indicator on actual undercarriage components.Correct measurements should appear on the MEASURED VALUE display without having to move the probe back and forth.3. Also check to see that measurements can be taken on very thick undercarriage components such as through track shoe grouser bars.* If the indicator has trouble making any of these readings the gain may need to be adjusted.Refer to the topic Troubleshooting, in this publication, for the procedures to adjust the gain.This completes the test of the indicator.Troubleshooting
If the indicator does not operate properly, first check the battery voltage and recharge if needed, or replace them with new fully charged batteries.The battery voltage should be measured at the two pin connector beside the battery holder.To operate properly, the battery voltage must be at least 5.8 Volts.Below this voltage the indicator will not turn ON.The display will flash if the voltage is below approximately 6.1 Volts.As the rechargeable batteries age, they will provide less operating time for the indicator.When the operating time between charging is unacceptable, the batteries should be replaced with new NiCad batteries. The longest life will be obtained by charging the batteries only after the display is flashing, indicating the batteries are fully discharged.If the battery voltage

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