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5088215 SHAFT-IDLER Caterpillar parts SHAFT
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Caterpillar 5088215 SHAFT-IDLER

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Selection of the Oil Change Interval
Your machine may be able to use a 4000 hour interval for the hydraulic oil. The hydraulic oil is in the system that is not integral to the service brakes, the clutches, the final drives, or the differentials. The standard change interval is 2000 hours. The oil should be monitored during intervals of 500 hours. The extended 4000 hour interval can be used if the following criteria are met.HYDO Advanced 10
Cat HYDO Advanced 10 is the preferred oil for use in most Caterpillar machine hydraulic and hydrostatic transmission systems when ambient temperature is between -20 °C (-4 °F) and 40 °C (104 °F). Cat HYDO Advanced 10 has an SAE viscosity grade of 10W. Cat HYDO Advanced 10 has a 50% increase in the standard oil drain interval (up to 3000 hours) for machine hydraulic systems over second and third choice oils when you follow the maintenance interval schedule for oil filter changes and for oil sampling that is stated in the Operation and Maintenance Manual. 6000 hour oil drain intervals are possible when using S O S Services oil analysis. When you switch to Cat HYDO Advanced 10, cross contamination with the previous oil should be kept to less than 10%. Consult your Cat dealer for details about the benefits from the improved performance designed into Cat HYDO Advanced 10.Oil Filters
Caterpillar oil filters are recommended. The interval for changing the oil filter should be 500 hours.Oil
The 6000 hour interval for changing the oil is specific to HYDO Advance 10.The 4000 hour interval for changing the oil is for the following oil types.
Caterpillar Hydraulic Oil (HYDO)
Caterpillar Transmission and Drive Train Oil (TDTO)
Caterpillar TDTO-TMS
Caterpillar Diesel Engine Oil
Caterpillar Biodegradable Hydraulic Oils (HEES)
Caterpillar Multipurpose Tractor Oil (MTO)
Heavy-duty diesel engine oils with a minimum zinc content of 900 ppmIf Caterpillar oils cannot be used, use heavy-duty oils with the following classification: Caterpillar ECF-1, API CG-4, API CF and TO-4. These oils must have a minimum zinc additive of 0.09 percent (900 ppm).Note: Industrial hydraulic oils are not recommended in Caterpillar hydraulic systems.Monitoring the Condition of the Oil
The oil should be monitored during intervals of 500 hours. Caterpillar's standard SOS Fluids Analysis or an equivalent oil sampling program should be used.The current guidelines for cleanliness of the oil should be observed. Refer to "Measured Data".If an oil sampling program is not available, the standard 2000 oil change interval should be used.Measured Data
The following information should be monitored through sampling of the oil:
Significant changes in wear metals should be monitored. These metals include iron, copper, chromium, lead, aluminum, and tin.
Significant changes in the following additives should be monitored: zinc, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus.
Contaminants should not be present. These contaminants include fuel and antifreeze. Water content should be .5 percent or less.
The silicon level should not exceed 15 parts per million for new oil. The particle counts should be monitored.
The recommended level of cleanliness for Caterpillar machines that are operated in the field is ISO 18/15 or cleaner. The

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