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Accumulator (Steering) - Test and Charge
Dry nitrogen is the only gas approved for use in the accumulator. Charging the accumulator with oxygen gas will cause an explosion. This danger will not happen if nitrogen cylinders with standard CGA (Compressed Gas Association, Inc.) Number 580 connections are used. When you order nitrogen gas, be sure that the cylinders are equipped with CGA No. 580 Connections. Do not use color codes or other methods of identification to tell the difference between nitrogen and oxygen cylinders.
Table 1
Tools Needed    
7S-5437 Nitrogen Charging Group     1    
5P-2963 Adapter     1    Note: When you are connecting the nitrogen charging equipment, never use an adapter that can be used on any other gas cylinders. MAKE SURE THAT YOU ARE USING DRY NITROGEN.The accumulator has a precharge of 6900 kPa (1000 psi).Use the following procedure in order to relieve the steering accumulator pressure:
Shut the engine off. Slowly turn the steering wheel to the left and right in order to relieve the hydraulic pressure for the steering accumulator. Note: PERFORM THE OPERATIONS IN THE SECTION , "Accumulator (Steering) - Check" BEFORE PERFORMING THE , "Charging the Steering Accumulator" OPERATION.Charging the Steering Accumulator
Perform the operation in the section , "Accumulator (Steering) - Check".
Stop the engine. Turn the steering wheel to the left and to the right several times in order to relieve the hydraulic pressure for the steering accumulator.
Remove the dust cap from the top of the steering accumulator.
Illustration 1 g00111766
Nitrogen Charging Group (1) Pressure gauge. (2) Connection to nitrogen cylinder valve. (3) Regulator assembly. (4) Valve. (5) Hose assembly. (6) Pressure gauge. (7) Pressure regulating screw. (8) Valve handle. (9) Chuck.
Use the 13800 kPa (2000 psi) gauge (6) in order to check the nitrogen precharge in the steering accumulator.
Separate valve (4) from the hose assembly (5). Make sure that valves (4) and (8) are closed. Turn the valve handles clockwise in order to close the valves.
Install the adapter and install chuck (9) on the valve of the steering accumulator.
Completely open valve (8) on chuck (9). In order to open the valves, turn the valve handles counterclockwise. Check the temperature of the air around the steering accumulator. The pressure on gauge (6) must be within the tolerances that are shown on the following Table 2.
Table 2
Charging Pressure and Temperature Relationship for the
6900 kPa (1000 psi) Accumulator    
Temperature     Pressure (1)    
-7°C (20°F)    
6205 kPa (900 psi)    
-1°C (30°F)    
6340 kPa (920 psi)    
4°C (40°F)    
6480 kPa (940 psi)    
10°C (50°F)    
6620 kPa (960 psi)    
16°C (60°F)    
6755 kPa (980 psi)    
21°C (70°F)    
6900 kPa (1000 psi)    
27°C (80°F)    
7030 kPa (1020 psi)    
32°C (90°F)    
7170 kPa (1040 psi)    
38°C (100°F)    
7310 kPa (1060 psi)    
43°C (110°F)    
7450 kPa (1080 psi)    
49°C (120°F)    
7585 kPa (1100 psi)    
( 1 ) The allowable tolerance on nominal pressure is 70 kPa (

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