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SHELL GP-GRAPPLE 3599459 - Caterpillar

3599459 SHELL GP-GRAPPLE Caterpillar parts G325B, VRG-40/2 SHELL
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 3599459 SHELL GP-GRAPPLE

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Compatible equipment models: 3599459:

GRAPPLE-DEM/SORT  G325B   VRG-40/2   Caterpillar
Number on catalog scheme: 12
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Installation Parameters Configured for PL522 and 523
Ensure that the correct steps have been taken to connect the computer with Cat ET software to the Product Link system. Refer to Systems Operation, "Configuration".
Click the "Connect" icon or click "File" on the menu bar. Click "Connect" from the selections on the pull-down menu in order to establish communication with the PL522 or 523.
Illustration 1 g02168713
"Select an ECM" Screen
The PL523 device is listed as "Vital Information Management System (VIMS) Main Module" as the Cat Data Link connection is made with the gateway board within the device. Select "VIMS Main Module"or "Product Link" from the list of available ECMs. Refer to Illustration 1.
Click "OK".
Illustration 2 g02666356
Once you are connected, click the "Configuration Tool" icon or select "Service" from the menu. Click "Configuration" from the drop-down menu in order to view the configuration screen.
Illustration 3 g02666396
PL522 and 523 Configuration Screen
Highlight "VIMS Main Module" and then click "Expand All". Refer to Illustration 3. Note: Internet Protocol parameters should NOT be modified.
Double click the desired parameter or select the desired parameter and click "Change". A dialog box will appear. Also, a list will appear that will show all of the possible parameter values.
Click "OK" after changing each parameter in order to return to the configuration screen. Reference: Refer to the "Machine Serial Number" portion of this section for information about the "Product ID" that is used in the PL522 and 523 system. Refer to Illustration 4 for an example of a machine serial number.Machine Serial Number
The Machine Serial Number is used by the PL522 and 523 system for routing information by the machine and displaying information by the machine.Note: The serial number for a non-Caterpillar machine can be any alphanumeric characters up to 17 characters long such as "147433789DBS".
Illustration 4 g02168775
(1) Caterpillars World Manufacturing Code (characters 1 - 3)
(2) Machine description (characters 4 - 8)
(3) Check character (character 9)
(4) Machine Indicator Section (MIS) or Product Sequence Number (characters 10 - 17). These characters were previously referred to as the Serial Number. For Caterpillar machines, enter only the last eight characters of the "Machine Serial Number". Refer to Illustration 4 for an example of a machine serial number. For Non-Caterpillar machines, enter the entire machine serial number.First Quarter 2001, the Caterpillar Product Identification Number (PIN) changed from 8 characters to 17 characters. The "Product ID" that is required by the PL522 and 523 system is the last eight digits. Do not start the serial number with a space. Do not abbreviate the serial number. For example, "1AA00123"should not be shortened to "1AA123". Do not use uppercase "O" instead of zero "0". Refer to Item (4) in Illustration 4."Machine Maintenance Mode" Screen
Illustration 5 g01361626
"Machine Maintenance Mode" Screen
The maintenance mode is used to prevent diagnostic and event messages from being reported when performing maintenance on the machine. This value should be reverted to "Off" after the servicing is complete. This value also reverts to "Off" after 12 calendar hours in order to ensure proper operation (long term) of the system. If an event

Caterpillar SIS machinery equipment:

Caterpillar SIS

Caterpillar parts catalog:

Caterpillar parts catalog
G310B, G315B, G320B & G325B Demolition & Sorting Grapples CZG00001-UP (MACHINE)
VRG-20/2, VRG-25/2, VRG-30/2 & VRG-40/2 Demolition & Sorting Grapples FEC00001-UP (MACHINE)

Parts shell Caterpillar catalog:

3543987 SHELL AS
G325B, VRG-40/2
3716775 SHELL AS
G325B, VRG-40/2
3716776 SHELL AS
G325B, VRG-40/2
3599460 SHELL AS
G325B, VRG-40/2
3599461 SHELL AS
G325B, VRG-40/2
3716773 SHELL AS
G325B, VRG-40/2
3716774 SHELL AS
G325B, VRG-40/2
3674188 SHELL AS
G325B, VRG-40/2
3674189 SHELL AS
G325B, VRG-40/2
3716765 SHELL AS
G325B, VRG-40/2
3716772 SHELL AS
G325B, VRG-40/2
3543989 SHELL AS
G325B, VRG-40/2
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