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5088489 SHIELD AS Caterpillar parts SHIELD
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Caterpillar 5088489 SHIELD AS
Weight: 2 pounds 0 kg.

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Illustration 1 g01259989
Customer Supplied Radio Example
Field Conditions
Existing AccuGrade compatible GPS base station
Customer Supplied Radio at the GPS base stationRequired
Create a cable that connects a compatible customer supplied radio to the AccuGrade system.
Can the customer supplied radio communicate CMR data over RS-232?Yes - The Customer Supplied Radio is compatible with the AccuGrade System.No - The Customer Supplied Radio is not compatible with AccuGrade System.
Will the machine radio operate within 9 VDC to 32 VDC?Note: Verify all necessary connections can operate at machine voltages.Answer - By looking in the radio documentation found that radio can run on 9 VDC to 32 VDC, but in order for radio to function the DTR line needs to be tied high and it has a limitation of 25 VDC.Solution - Use a 240-2735 DC - DC power Converter to step the voltage down to 12 VDC.
Using the radio manufactures information, make all necessary connections.
DTRNote: DTR is required by this example radio in order to make radio active.
Using the referenced pinouts for the machine harness, wire the following for the machine harness connector.
Configure the machine radio and AccuGrade system to communicate over RS232.ReferenceRefer to the Systems Operation, RENR9533, "Radio Utility" section.
Change the settings in the customer supplied radio and the display to match.Default Settings for the display Baud rate ... 38400 Data Bits ... 8 (Fixed setting on Display) Parity ... None Stop Bits ... 1 (Fixed setting on Display)
Verify that the over-the-air data/communications rate are set the same in both the base and machine radio.The optimal rate may vary depending on the radio. Typically the rate is between 4800 bps and 38400 bps. The same rate must be set in both the base radio and the machine radio. If the same rate is set, you may proceed. If the rates are not the same, use the radio configuration software to set both radios to the same over-the-air data/communications rate.
Connect the new adapter harness to the main harness and to the machine radio.
Apply power to the system and verify the communication to base.Use the display in order to check the left data link. Should be increasing for the integrity. If not see the "Troubleshooting" section.Troubleshooting
No Power To Radio
Verify connections to power and ground pins
Verify input power required for radio
If converter has been added, ensure +PWR and ground from AccuGrade connector are connected to converter, and that +PWR and ground from converter are connected to radioNo Communication Through Radio
Verify that the radio is a "Data Terminal Equipment" (DTE) device.
If the radio is a "Data Communications Equipment" (DCE) device, modify the TX and the RX connections as shown in Illustration 2.
Illustration 2 g01260134
Note: It is critical to follow the documentation from radio manufacturer in order to ensure the proper handshake and/or other communications startup procedure is properly executed. Additionally, customer supplied radios may require additional pins to be grounded or to be tied to voltage, and these will also be identified in the manufacturer's documentation.Radio Pin-out Table and Schematic
Table 1
8-Pin Connector         12-Pin

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