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SHIM 2H9199 - Caterpillar

2H9199 SHIM Caterpillar parts D337 SHIM
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Caterpillar 2H9199 SHIM
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MARINE ENGINE  D337   Caterpillar
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15. Install the tilt control stem in retainer (31). Install four balls (32), springs (33) and screws (34) in the retainer. On later valves, there will be locknuts for screws (34). 16. Put tilt control stem (30) and the retainer in position in the valve body as shown, and install the two bolts in the retainer, but do not tighten. 17. Move retainer (22) so detent (13) on the lift control stem is in the center of the hole in retainer (22) as shown, and tighten the two bolts that hold the retainer to the valve body. Tighten bolts to a torque of 55 4 N m (41 3 lb.ft.). The lift control stem must move freely in the valve body and retainer after the bolts that hold the retainer to the valve body are tightened.18. Do the procedure in Step 17 again for retainer (31) and detent (27) on the tilt control stem. 19. Put the valve body in a vise as shown.20. Adjust the detent on tilt control stem (30) as follows:a. Tighten four screws (34) until 1 1/2threads show above the locknut. On earlier machines, make a replacement of the 8J5912 Screws with 4B1771 Screws and 1D5117 Nuts.b. Put a rod through the eye on tilt control stem (30) and hang a 11.5 kg (25 lb.) weight (35) on the tilt control stem as shown.c. Pull tilt control stem (30) up into the detent position.d. Evenly tighten or loosen screws (34) 1/8to 1/4 turn at a time until stem (30) is just held in the detent position. If the stem moves out of the detent position, it will be necessary to start step "d" over again.e. Tighten the locknuts on screws (34) to a torque of 35 3 N m (26 2 lb.ft.).21. Use the procedure given in Step 20 to adjust the detent for the lift control stem. 22. Install 20 O-ring seals (36) on the bottom of the valve body. Use clean grease to hold the O-ring seals in place. 23. Fasten tooling (C) and a hoist to the valve body, and put the valve body in position in the tank. Weight of the valve body is 27 kg (60 lb.). 24. Install bolts (37) on the back side of the tank to hold the valve body in place. Tighten bolts (37) to a torque of 100 5 N m (75 4 lb.ft.). 25. Put links (3) and (38) in position on the control valve stems, and install the pins and retainers that hold them in place. 26. Install O-ring seal (39), back-up ring (40) and O-ring seal (41) on the line

Caterpillar parts catalog:

Caterpillar parts catalog
D337 MARINE ENGINE 23B00300-00455

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