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Caterpillar 4646163 SHIM
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This test will determine if the compensator valve in each implement control valve is opening fully.Each implement control valve has a compensator valve. The compensator valves share a common passage in the control valve group. When, an implement is activated the compensator valve is opened by the pump pressure. The pressure that passes through the compensator valve enters the load sensing circuit. The load sensing pressure upstrokes the pump.If several control valves are activated simultaneously, the compensator valve with the greatest demand will determine the pump discharge pressure. When, the compensator valve is fully opened the pump is capable of reaching maximum system pressure.This test is not used to compare the pressures between the implement control valves.Note: Before making any changes to the load sensing settings, check the compensator valve. Make sure that the compensator valve is free of debris and functioning properly.The compensator valve is a nonadjustable part. If, the compensator valve is not functioning properly the compensator valve must be replaced.Required Tools
Illustration 1 g01323883
Tooling (A)
Table 1
Required Tools    
Tool    Item    Part Number    Part Description    Qty    
A     A1     8T-0860     PSI Gauge (40000 kPa (5800 psi))     1    
A2 6V-3989     Fitting     1    
A3 6V-4143     Quick Connect Coupler     2    
A4 177-7861     Hose As     1    Test Procedure for the Proportional Priority Pressure Compensated System (PPPC)
Move the machine to a smooth, horizontal location that is away from operating machines and away from personnel.Note: Permit only one operator on the machine. Keep all other personnel away from the machine or in the sight of the operator.
Place the steering control lever and the transmission control lever in the NEUTRAL position.
Engage the parking brake.
Lower the attachments to the ground.
Stop the engine.
Turn the key to the ON position, but do not start the engine.
Verify that the implement shutoff control is not activated.
Move the control levers through the full range of travel several times. This will relieve any pressure that may be present in the implement hydraulic system.
Make sure that the pressure in the entire hydraulic system has been released.
Open the access door on the left side of the machine.
Illustration 2 g01323955
(S/N: NCF1-62FBH1-1254DHA1-1558) (1) Pump discharge pressure tap
Illustration 3 g02624977
(S/N: NCF63-UPFBH1255-UPDHA1559-UP) (1) Pump discharge pressure tap
Attach gauge (A) to pump discharge pressure tap (1) .
Start the engine and run the engine with the engine throttle control at the LOWEST position.
Operate each control lever in the following order:1. Ripper (if equipped)2. Angle3. Tilt4. Lift
Put each cylinder into a fully stalled condition. Watch the pressure gauge. Maximum system pressure of 24650 450 kPa (3575 65 psi) should be seen for all circuits.Note: Do not keep any cylinder in a stalled condition for more than 10 seconds. Do not return any cylinder to a stalled condition within 30 seconds of the prior stalled condition.

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