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SHROUD AS 3843577 - Caterpillar

3843577 SHROUD AS Caterpillar parts 311F LRR
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 3843577 SHROUD AS
Weight: 20 pounds 9 kg.

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Compatible equipment models: 3843577:

EXCAVATOR  311F LRR   Caterpillar
Number on catalog scheme: 25
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Probable Causes
Active codes and logged codes
Electrical connections
Fuel injection
Fuel quality
Proper lubrication
Isolate the source of the noise.
Valve train components
Gear train and lower end components
CrankshaftRecommended Actions
Note: The procedures have been listed in order of probability. Complete the procedures in the order of the listed test steps.
Table 1
Troubleshooting Test Steps Values Results
1. Check for Active Codes and Logged Codes
A. Establish communication between Caterpillar Electronic Technician (ET) and the Electronic Control Module (ECM).
B. Monitor the diagnostic codes on Cat ET. Check for any active or logged codes.
Note: Wait at least 30 seconds in order for diagnostic codes to become active.
Result: A code is active or logged.
Repair: Troubleshoot any codes before continuing with this procedure.
Verify that the repair eliminated the problem.
Result: A code is not active or logged.
Proceed to Test Step 2.
2. Inspect the Electrical Connections
A. Check for the correct installation of the ECM J1/P1 and the J2/P2 connectors. Check for correct installation of the fuel injector connectors.
Result: There are suspect connectors.
Repair: Repair connectors that are suspect or replace connectors that are suspect. Perform the "Wiggle Test" on Cat ET.
Verify that the repair eliminated the problem.
Result: There are no suspect connectors.
Proceed to Test Step 3.
3. Test the Fuel Injectors
A. Perform the "Injector Solenoid Test" on Cat ET in order to determine if all of the injector solenoids are being energized by the ECM.
B. Access the "Cylinder Cutout Test" in the "Diagnostic Tests" under the "Diagnostics" menu.
C. Perform the "Automatic Cylinder Cutout Test" on Cat ET.
Fuel Injector
Result: The test was successful.
Proceed to Test Step 4.
Result: The test was not successful.
Repair: Diagnose the problem and then repair the problem.
Reset all active codes and clear all logged codes.
Verify that the repair eliminated the problem.
4. Check the Fuel Quality
A. Refer to Operation and Maintenance Manual for information on the proper characteristics of the fuel for the engine. If necessary, obtain a fuel analysis in order to confirm that the correct fuel is being used for the engine. Refer to Systems Operation/Testing and Adjusting, "Fuel System Quality Test" for the proper procedure.
Result: The fuel quality is OK.
Proceed to Test Step 5.
Result: The fuel quality is NOT OK.
Repair: Replace the fuel.
Verify that the repair eliminated the problem.
5. Check for Proper Lubrication
A. Check for proper lubrication of the valve components. Check for sufficient lubrication between the injector tappets and the rocker arms.
B. Check for blocked oil passages. Oil passages must be clean. Clean any oil passages that are questionable. Refer to the Disassembly and Assembly for additional information.
C. Inspect the engine oil filters for ferrous material.
D. Obtain an S-O-S oil analysis. The analysis will contribute to a better understanding of oil contamination and the origin of the contamination.
Result: The oil passages are not blocked and the engine has proper lubrication.
Proceed to Test Step 6.
Result: The oil passages are blocked or the engine does not have proper lubrication.
Repair: Make the necessary repairs.
Verify that the repair eliminated the problem.
6. Isolate the Source of the Noise
A. If the source of the noise is the engine accessory, remove the suspect engine accessory. Inspect the suspect

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