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3534752 SILENCER Caterpillar parts 793F-XQ SILENCER
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Caterpillar 3534752 SILENCER

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TRUCK  793F XQ   Caterpillar
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At operating temperature, the engine coolant is hot and under pressure.Steam can cause personal injury.Check the coolant level only after the engine has been stopped and the fill cap is cool enough to touch with your bare hand.Remove the fill cap slowly to relieve pressure.Cooling system conditioner contains alkali. Avoid contact with the skin and eyes to prevent personal injury.
Illustration 1 g01380401
Engine Radiator (4) Shunt Tank (7) Cores
Illustration 2 g01380459
Bottom of radiator (13) Inlet (14) Outlet (15) OutletThe engine radiator contains twelve cores (7). These cores are the "two-pass" type of cores. The coolant enters the cores from the bottom. Then, the coolant exits the bottom of the cores after the coolant has circulated through the cores. Coolant is added to the system through shunt tank (4). Outlet (14) and outlet (15) are connected to the inlet side of the water pump. Inlet (13) is connected to the top side of the temperature regulator housing.
Illustration 3 g01380421
Right side view (3) Thermostat Housing (8) Water Pump (16) Flow Switch
Illustration 4 g01380426
Bottom of the radiator (17) Drain ValveWater pump (8) draws coolant from outlet (14) and outlet (15). The water temperature regulator is located in thermostat housing (3). Coolant can be drained from the engine and cores (7) through drain valve (17). Flow switch (16) determines if the engine coolant is circulating.Note: Outlet (14) has a smaller orifice in order for coolant to be forced through the hydraulic oil cooler.
Illustration 5 g01380454
Right side view (18) Sampling ValveUse sampling valve (18) to collect a sample of the engine coolant.Coolant Flow
Illustration 6 g01380422
Cooling system for a D10T Track-Type Tractor with a C27 engine (1) Cab Heater (2) Turbocharger (3) Thermostat Housing (4) Shunt Tank (6) Hydraulic Demand Fan (7) Cores (8) Water Pump (9) Power Train Oil Cooler (10) Engine Oil Cooler (13) Inlet (14) Outlet (15) Outlet (19) Bypass Tube (20) Vent Lines (21) Manifold (22) Bonnet (23) Bonnet (24) Line (25) Line (26) LineHydraulic demand fan (6) is mounted to the radiator guard. The hydraulic demand fan is mounted in front of the radiator. The fan drive pump is controlled by the engine ECM. This arrangement allows the fan to draw air through the sides of the engine compartment. Air is drawn through the radiator and out of the front of the machine. This design eliminates the possibility that the fan will inject debris into the radiator.When the engine is cold, the temperature regulator will be closed. The temperature regulator is inside the thermostat housing (3). As a result, engine coolant will not circulate through the engine radiator. Water pump (8) will draw engine coolant from the outlet side of cab heater (1) through line (24). The water pump will draw engine coolant through bypass tube (19) from thermostat housing (3). This engine coolant comes from the cylinder head through manifolds (21) .Engine coolant will be pumped through engine oil cooler (10) and power train oil coolers (9) through bonnet (22). This coolant will flow out of engine oil cooler (10) and power train oil coolers

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793F XQ Off-Highway Truck SND00001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY C175-16 Engine

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