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SPARK PLUG 1247380 - Caterpillar

1247380 SPARK PLUG Caterpillar parts G3512, G3516 SPARK
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 1247380 SPARK PLUG
Weight: 0.25 pounds 0 kg.

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Cross Reference:

CATERPILLAR 124-7380, 194-8515, 194-8518, 248-8313, CHAMPION 229,

Compatible equipment models: 1247380:

GAS ENGINE  G3512   G3516   Caterpillar
Number on catalog scheme: 13
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Reduced hours of operation at full load will result in a lower average power demand and reduced fuel consumption. A decreased average power demand should increase both the engine service life and the overhaul interval.The need for an overhaul is generally indicated by increased fuel consumption, increased oil consumption, excessive engine blowby, and reduced power. Arctic temperatures, extremely high temperatures, corrosive environments, or extremely dusty conditions contribute to premature wear and the need for an overhaul.The following factors are important when a decision is being made on the proper time for an engine overhaul:
The need for preventive maintenance
The quality of the fuel that is being used
The operating conditions
The results of the S O S analysisOil Consumption as an Overhaul Indicator
Oil consumption, fuel consumption, and maintenance information can be used to estimate the total operating cost for your Caterpillar engine. Oil consumption can also be used to estimate the required capacity of a makeup oil tank that is suitable for the maintenance intervals.Oil consumption is in proportion to the percentage of the rated engine load. As the percentage of the engine load is increased, the amount of oil that is consumed per hour also increases.The oil consumption rate (brake specific oil consumption) is measured in grams per kW/h (lb per bhp). The brake specific oil consumption (BSOC) depends on the engine load. Consult your Caterpillar dealer for assistance in determining the typical oil consumption rate for your engine.When an engine's oil consumption has risen to three times the original oil consumption rate due to normal wear, an engine overhaul should be scheduled. There may be a corresponding increase in blowby and a slight increase in fuel consumption.Overhaul Options
Before Failure Overhaul
A planned overhaul before failure may be the best value for the following reasons:
Costly unplanned downtime can be avoided.
Many original parts can be reused according to the standards for reusable parts.
The engine's service life can be extended without the risk of a major catastrophe due to engine failure.
The best cost/value relationship per hour of extended life can be attained.After Failure Overhaul
If a major engine failure occurs and the engine must be removed, many options are available. An overhaul should be performed if the engine block or the crankshaft needs to be repaired.If the engine block is repairable and/or the crankshaft is repairable, the overhaul cost should be between 40 percent and 50 percent of the cost of a new engine with a similar exchange core.This lower cost can be attributed to three aspects:
Specially designed Caterpillar engine features
Caterpillar dealer exchange components
Caterpillar Inc. remanufactured exchange componentsOverhaul Recommendation
To minimize downtime, Caterpillar Inc. recommends a scheduled engine overhaul by your Caterpillar dealer before the engine fails. This will provide you with the best cost/value relationship.Note: Overhaul programs vary according to the engine application and according to the dealer that performs the overhaul. Consult your Caterpillar dealer for specific information about the available overhaul programs and about overhaul services for extending the engine life.If an overhaul is performed without overhaul service from your Caterpillar dealer,

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Caterpillar parts catalog
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