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EXCAVATOR  385C L MH   Caterpillar
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At operating temperature, the hydraulic oil tank is hot and under pressure. Hot oil can cause burns. To prevent possible personal injury, release the pressure in the implement hydraulic circuits (boom, stick and bucket) before any hydraulic lines or components are disconnected or removed.
1. Release the pressure in the hydraulic system as follows: a. Fully retract the rod in the stick cylinder.b. Adjust the position of the bucket so it will be flat on the ground when the boom is lowered.c. Lower the boom until the bucket is flat on the ground.d. Shut off the engine, and put the hydraulic activation control lever in the "Lock" position.e. Move the control levers for the boom, bucket, stick and swing through their full travel strokes. This will relieve any pressure that may be present in the pilot system.f. Slowly loosen the air breather cap on the hydraulic oil tank to release the pressure.g. Tighten the air breather cap on the hydraulic oil tank.h. The pressure in the hydraulic system has now been released. Lines and components can now be removed. 2. Put identification marks on four hose assemblies (1) and four hose assemblies (2) for installation purposes. Disconnect hose assemblies (1) and (2) from the swing control valve. Put plugs in the hose assemblies to prevent oil loss and to keep dirt and debris out of the hydraulic system. 3. Fasten a lifting sling and a hoist to swing control valve (3) as shown. Remove eight bolts (4) that hold the swing control valve in position. Remove the swing control valve. The weight of the swing control valve is 50 kg (110 lb). The following steps are for the installation of the swing control valve.4. Check the condition of the O-ring seals used in the ends of the eight hose assemblies that connect to the swing control valve. If any of the seals are damaged, use new parts for replacement.5. Install the swing control valve in the reverse order of removal.6. Check the oil level in the hydraulic oil tank. Fill the hydraulic oil tank with oil to the correct level. Refer to the 350 & 350 L Excavators Operation & Maintenance Manual for the correct filling procedure.Disassemble & Assemble Swing Control Valve
Start By:a. remove swing control valve1. Make sure the outside of the swing control valve is thoroughly clean prior to disassembly. During disassembly of the swing control valve, mark all components so they can be reinstalled in their original locations. 2. Remove valve (1) from the valve body.3. Disassemble valve (1) as follows: a. Remove two retainers (2), spring (3) and O-ring seal (4) from the valve.
There is spring force behind each housing (6). When bolts (5) are removed, the spring force will be released. To prevent possible personal injury, slowly and evenly remove bolts (5) while retaining housings (6).
4. While retaining housings (6), slowly and evenly loosen bolts (5) to release the spring force. Remove the bolts and housings. If necessary, remove the plunger assembly from each

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