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3157206 SPECIAL AR Caterpillar parts SPECIAL
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Caterpillar 3157206 SPECIAL AR

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Table 1
Required Tools    
Tool    Part Number    Description    Qty    
A     1U-6602     Photo-Tachometer     1    
Illustration 1 g02564236
Ventilation fan flow can be measured at ventilation flow gauge (1). If the indicated flow is less than 0.6 inches (w.c), the ventilation system and the pitot tube should be cleaned and inspected. If the indicated flow remains below specification, go to Step 2 to check ventilation fan speed.
Illustration 2 g02564239
Remove four bolts (3) (three bolts shown) from the base of fumes exhaust stack (2). Remove the fumes exhaust stack.
Illustration 3 g02564240
Open rear engine compartment cover (4) .
Illustration 4 g02564242
Remove four bolts (5). Remove pitot tube housing (6) and place to the side of the fumes exhaust duct. Do not disconnect the pitot tube pickup hose.
Illustration 5 g02564417
Remove six bolts (7). Remove fumes exhaust duct (8) .
Illustration 6 g02564418
Fumes Exhaust Duct Removed For Access To Ventilation Fan
Illustration 7 g02564422
Personal injury can result from rotating and moving parts. Stay clear of all rotating and moving parts.Never attempt adjustments while the machine is moving or the engine is running unless otherwise specified.The machine must be parked on a level surface and the engine stopped.Attach a "Do Not Operate" or similar warning tag to the start switch and controls before servicing, repairing, or making adjustments to the machine.
Note: Moving fan blades will cut an/or throw any parts that the blades contact.
Place piece of reflective tape (9) from Tool (A) on one of the blades of the fan.
Illustration 8 g02564424
Move engine start switch (10) to the START position. Release the engine start switch after the engine starts.
Operate the engine at low idle for a few minutes.
Illustration 9 g02564436
Move throttle control switch (11) to the HIGH IDLE position twice. For each switch actuation, hold the switch in this position for less than 1 second. The engine speed should increase to 2200 rpm.
Illustration 10 g02545141
Monitor the hydraulic oil temperature on the operator display. Operate the machine until the oil temperature reaches 43 5.6 °C (110 10 °F).
Measure fan speed with Tool (A). The fan speed should be 2200 300 rpm.
Move throttle control switch (11) to the LOW IDLE position. Hold the switch in this position for less than 1 second.
Move engine start switch (10) to the OFF position after the engine reaches low idle.
If the ventilation fan speed is outside the specified range, inspect and clean the orifice in the flow control valve. If ventilation fan speed remains outside the specified range, repair or replace the ventilation fan motor.
Replace fumes exhaust duct (8). Replace six bolts (7).
Replace pitot tube housing (6). Replace four bolts (5).
Replace fumes exhaust stack (2). Replace four bolts (3).
Close rear engine compartment cover (4) .

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