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SPRING 2H9206 - Caterpillar

2H9206 SPRING Caterpillar parts D337 SPRING
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Caterpillar 2H9206 SPRING
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MARINE ENGINE  D337   Caterpillar
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1. Be sure the gasket or spacer (earlier or later) is in position on hydraulic pump (1). Put the hydraulic pump in position on the timing gear plate, and install the bolts and nuts that hold it in place. 2. Connect the suction line and pressure line (3) to the hydraulic pump.3. Fill the hydraulic tank with oil to the correct level. If the complete hydraulic system has been drained, see Implement Fill And Air Removal Procedure.
Do not start the engine until the air is removed from the hydraulic pump. The hydraulic pump can be damaged if it is not filled with oil when the engine is started.
4. To remove the air from the hydraulic pump, loosen fitting (2) until air comes out. Tighten fitting (2) when oil starts to come out of the fitting. The engine can now be started without damage caused to the hydraulic pump.Disassemble Hydraulic Pump
START BY:a. remove hydraulic pump The direction of rotation of the hydraulic pump is clockwise as seen from the drive end of the pump. 1. Remove four bolts and pump outlet elbow (1) from the pump body. 2. Bend the lock away from nut (2).
Do not damage gear (3) if the gear is put in a vise to loosen nut (2) on the shaft. Use a vise that has soft (brass) jaws.
3. Use an impact wrench to loosen nut (2) or put gear (3) in a vise to hold the shaft while nut (2) is loosened. Loosen nut (2), but do not remove.4. Use tooling (A) to loosen gear (3) on the shaft. 5. Remove tooling (A), the nut and gear (3) from the shaft.6. Put identification on cover (6) as to its location on the pump body. Remove bolts (5) and cover (6) from the pump body. Remove bolt (4) from the pump body. 7. Remove cartridge (7) and O-ring seal (8) from the pump body. 8. Remove O-ring seal and back-up ring (9) and ring (10) from the cartridge. 9. Remove allen screws (11) and cover (12) from the cartridge. 10. Use tooling (B) to remove bearing (13) from the cover. 11. Remove plate (14) from the cartridge. 12. Remove cam ring (15) from the rotor. 13. Remove vanes (17) and the vane inserts from rotor (16). Remove rotor (16). 14. Remove plate (18) from cover (19). 15. Use tool (C) to remove snap ring (20) from the shaft. Remove spiral snap ring (21) from the pump body. 16. Use a soft hammer to push shaft (23) and the bearing out of the pump body.17. Remove washer (22) from the pump body. 18. Use a press as shown to remove bearing (24) from shaft (23). 19. Remove seals (25) and (27) from pump body (26). For information on hydraulic pump failures, see Diagnostic Hydraulic Pump Failures, Form No. SEBD0501. For information on parts reusability, see Guideline For Reusable Parts, Steel-Backed Bronze Plates For Vane-Type Hydraulic Pumps, Form No. SEBF8025, Guideline For Reusable Parts, Wear Sleeves For Shafts,

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