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SPRING 4647417 - Caterpillar

4647417 SPRING Caterpillar parts SPRING
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Caterpillar 4647417 SPRING
Weight: 0.23 pounds 0 kg.

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Table 1
Effectivity Of The New 309-5808 Pedal Control Gp    
Model    Effectivity    Adaptability    
312D     S/N:KCD258     S/N:KCD1-257    
315D     S/N:NCM192     S/N:NCM1-191    
319D     S/N:BZH159     S/N:BZH1-158    
S/N:DAY171 S/N:DAY1-170    
320D     S/N:ZGB145     S/N:ZGB1-144    
S/N:FAL298 S/N:FAL1-297    
S/N:RBL426 S/N:RBL1-425    
S/N:PHX860 S/N:PHX1-859    
321D     S/N:PBD106     S/N:PBD1-105    
S/N:KBH139 S/N:KBH1-138    
323D     S/N:RAC341     S/N:RAC1-340    
S/N:SDC934 S/N:SDC1-933    
S/N:CYD615 S/N:CYD1-614    
S/N:SED294 S/N:SED1-293    
S/N:JLG383 S/N:JLG1-382    
S/N:BYM312 S/N:BYM1-311    
S/N:PBM587 S/N:PBM1-586    
S/N:DKW335 S/N:DKW1-334    
324D     S/N:CJX269     S/N:CJX1-268    
325D     S/N:KDG203     S/N:KDG1-202    
S/N:SCR717 S/N:SCR1-716    
328D     S/N:GTN281     S/N:GTN1-280    
330D     S/N:NBD898     S/N:NBD1-897    
S/N:MEY317 S/N:MEY1-316    
345C     S/N:TBA402     S/N:TBA1-401    
S/N:BWY232 S/N:BWY1-231    
365C     S/N:ELC292     S/N:ELC1-291    
S/N:GWC229 S/N:GWC1-228    
S/N:MEM270 S/N:MEM1-269    
S/N:FEN145 S/N:FEN1-144    
S/N:PAR255 S/N:PAR1-254    
S/N:MCS434 S/N:MCS1-433    
S/N:MCY400 S/N:MCY1-399    
385C     S/N:EDA433     S/N:EDA1-432    
S/N:MMA258 S/N:MMA1-257    
S/N:KGB377 S/N:KGB1-376    
S/N:KBC237 S/N:KBC1-236    
S/N:SBE275 S/N:SBE1-274    
S/N:T2E340 S/N:T2E1-339    
S/N:T2F182 S/N:T2F1-181    
S/N:KKK181 S/N:KKK1-180    
S/N:EAM283 S/N:EAM1-282    
S/N:JCM176 S/N:JCM1-175    
S/N:WAW220 S/N:WAW1-219    
S/N:MNZ158 S/N:MNZ1-157    
Illustration 1 g01434797
Top View Of The Operator Platform
Illustration 2 g01434798
View A-A From Illustration 1 (1) 8T-4121 Hard Washer (2) 8T-4136 Bolt (3) 309-5808 Pedal Control Gp Repair Procedure
Use the information that follows in order to install the new 309-5808 Pedal Control Gp .
Remove two bolts (2) and two hard washers (1). Disassemble the pedal assembly from the former 247-5276 Pedal Control Gp. Remove the former pedal control gp. Refer to Illustration 1 and Illustration 2.
Install the new pedal control gp (3). Assemble the former pedal assembly and the new pedal control gp. Reuse two bolts (2) and two hard washers (1). Tighten the bolts to a torque of 55 10 N m (40 7 lb ft).
Check the display of the monitor. Make sure that the output for the control pedal is between −4.00 and 4.00 when the pedal is in the neutral position.
Recalibrate the monitor if the incorrect output is displayed. Refer to Systems Operation, RENR8068, "Excavators Monitoring System".

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