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SPROCKET-DRIVE 1C4086 - Caterpillar

1C4086 SPROCKET-DRIVE Caterpillar parts PR-450 SPROCKET
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Caterpillar 1C4086 SPROCKET-DRIVE
Weight: 50 pounds 22 kg.

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COLD PLANER  PR-450   Caterpillar
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This special instruction contains the necessary procedures and information for the installation of the heavy duty pin assembly for both the 5130 Excavator (FS) Front Shovel and (ME) Mass Excavator.Do not perform any procedure, outlined in this publication, or order any parts until you read and understand the information contained within.
Do not attempt to assemble the heavy duty pin assembly until you read and understand the assembly instructions. Improper procedures could result in injury or death.
Necessary Tools
Procedure To Install New Heavy Duty 129-9688 or 132-4788 Flex Pin (5):
Illustration 1. Dimensions and fabrication of Tool B.1. Before beginning installation procedure fabricate Tool B using Illustration 1 and Chart 2.
Wear safety glasses with protective side shields. Personal injury may occur if proper safety equipment is not worn.
Illustration 2. Solid sleeve.1. Insert solid sleeve (2) into the tip pin hole aligning Tip (1) and Adapter (3). The solid sleeve is to be removed when changing a tip. Check for wear or damage. Reuse if not worn or damaged to install the new flex pin.
Illustration 3. View of larger lip (4).2. Position the solid sleeve into rear of tip pin hole. Most bucket forces tend to move the pin assemblies upward, therefore install larger lip (4) towards the bottom. Refer to Illustration 3.
Illustration 4. Positioning of flex pin (5).3. While holding solid sleeve (2), position flex pin (5) so that land (6) located in the middle of flex pin (5) lines up with cavity (7) located in the middle of solid sleeve (2).4. Drive both sections of flex pin (5) until land (6) just contacts the top of solid sleeve (2).
Illustration 5. Installation of flex pin (5).5. Drive both sections of flex pin (5) with a 1U-7245 Sledge [approximately 12.0 lb (4.55 kg)] (Tool A). Be sure to hit flex pin (5) at a slight angle to force land (6) past the top of solid sleeve (2).
Illustration 6. Installation of flex pin (5).6. Continue to drive on both sections of flex pin (5) until land (6) engages cavity (7) located in solid sleeve (2). Use specified punch (Tool B) to finish installation of size V680 or V780 Flex Pin.Procedure To Remove Used Heavy Duty Flex Pin (5):
Illustration 7. Removal of flex pin (5).1. Use specified punch (Tool B) to drive the front section of flex pin (5) down far enough to unlock it from engagement with the adapter (3).
Illustration 8. Removal of flex pin (5).2. Drive the rear section of flex pin (5) down far enough to unseat land (6) from solid pin cavity (7). Flex pin (5) movement may be restricted to 6 mm (.3 in) increments while removing. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 until land (6) is free from solid pin cavity (7).
Illustration 9. Removal of flex pin (5).3. Continue to drive both sections of flex pin (5) until both sections fall out of the tip pin hole.4. Remove solid sleeve (2) from the tip pin hole.

Caterpillar parts catalog:

Caterpillar parts catalog

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