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STARTING AID GP-ETHER 3843666 - Caterpillar

3843666 STARTING AID GP-ETHER Caterpillar parts 3516B, 3516C
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Caterpillar 3843666 STARTING AID GP-ETHER

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GENERATOR SET  3516B   3516C   Caterpillar
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When the Automatic Push Button is pressed, and the status indicator shows Auto in green, the automatic controls are activated and are in use.In Auto state, the AccuGrade System controls the lift and the tilt movements of the blade.Note: If "Auto" flashes in red on the status indicator, the AccuGrade System is in the Inactive-Auto state. Automatic controls are disabled.
Illustration 7 g01351985
AccuGrade System in Auto stateIllustration 7 shows the AccuGrade System in Auto state.Automatic controls will stop operating when the cut and fill value for either blade tip exceeds 20.3 cm (8.0 inch). Automatic control of the blade resumes when the blade tips are both within 20.3 cm (8.0 inch) of the working surface.Inactive-Auto
Illustration 8 g01351986
AccuGrade System in Inactive-Auto stateWhen the Automatic Push Button is pressed, and "Auto" flashes in red on the status indicator, the automatic controls are set to Inactive-Auto state.In Inactive-Auto state, the automatic controls of the AccuGrade System are disabled. Horizontal and vertical guidance are still provided through the Display and light bars. Inactive-Auto state indicates that the operator has attempted to activate the automatic controls, but the system is not able to drive the automatic controls.Controls enter the Inactive-Auto state if any of the following situations occur:Note: When turned on, the beeper will sound for these conditions.
A device can no longer be detected.
The automatic valves have not been driven (the valves have been inactive) for 60 seconds or longer.
No design is loaded.
Designs are changed.
The machine is off the design for more than 60 seconds.
You access the Alignment, Horizontal Offset or Elevation Offset dialogs.
You access the "Setup Menu - Configuration", including automatic entry into the Diagnostics dialog.
Any required AccuGrade component stops working.
You receive low accuracy GPS positions.
The Display shuts down.
The park brake is on.
The implement lock-out switch is on.
The valves have not been calibrated.In order to change from Inactive-Auto state to Auto complete the following steps:
Correct any machine interlock condition or start-up errors such as:
The park brake is on.
The implement lock-out switch is on.
Press the Manual Push Button.
Press the Automatic Push Button.In order to change the automatic control state to Manual, press the Manual Push Button at any time.Indicate
When the Display receives no information about the state of the automatic controls, the automatic controls change to the "Indicate" state. When this occurs, check the Valve Module and the Angle Sensor.Using Automatic Controls
Before you can use automatic controls, make sure that you complete the following actions:
Configure the automatic controls.
Complete the start-up checks. For more information, refer to the Light Bar Section.
Pass the safety checks.
Turn off the implement lock-out switch.
Turn off the parking brake.
Press the Auto push button.Caterpillar recommends that you remain in Manual state until the following conditions are met:
All start-up checks are done.
You are on design.
You are ready to start using automatic controls.A typical sequence of actions to prepare the AccuGrade System for a job using automatic controls is outlined in the following steps:
Create a working surface for vertical guidance using

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