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STARTING MOTOR GP-AIR 3843678 - Caterpillar

3843678 STARTING MOTOR GP-AIR Caterpillar parts 3508C, 3512C, 3516C STARTING
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Caterpillar 3843678 STARTING MOTOR GP-AIR

Buy STARTING MOTOR GP-AIR 3843678 Caterpillar genuine, new aftermarket tractor parts with delivery

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MARINE ENGINE  3508C   3512C   3516C   Caterpillar
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sensors produce PWM signal (duty cycle signal). These sensors are powered from a power supply of 8 to 28 DCV. The following digital sensors are used: throttle position sensor, speed/timing sensors and some temperature sensors.Digital Signal - This signal is a PWM signal (duty cycle) that has a variable width and a constant amplitude. Also see “Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)”.Diode - A diode is an electrical device that will allow current to pass in one direction only.Direct Current (DC) - A direct current flows in only one direction along a conductor from a point of high potential to a point of lower potential.Display - The display consists of the readout and the indicators that are visible through the window of the ECM.Display Data Link - This is the data link for communication between the main module and the display components in the dashboard.Duty Cycle - See “Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)”.Electronic Control Analyzer Programmer (ECAP) - An ECAP is a service tool that is used to assist in diagnosing electronic system failures.Electronic Control Module (ECM) - This pertains to the engine ECM that provides power to the EUI. The ECM monitors the input to the EUI. The ECM also acts as a governor in order to control the engine speed.Engine Warning Derate - This is a means of reducing engine power by 15% in order to alert the operator of a severe problem (high coolant temperature, low oil pressure, etc).Event - An event is a condition that is out of the acceptable range. Damage is likely to be caused. For example, the engine speed is too high. This would cause the oil pressure or the coolant temperature to be above the normal limit and damage may result. Events are logged by the ECM. Except for a remote shutdown, a factory password is needed in order to clear the event.Event Recorder - This records the last five minutes before an event and the next minute after an event.Factory Password - This password is a set of numeric characters or a set of alphanumeric characters that are designed to restrict access to logged events and to fuel settings.Fault - A fault is a failure of a component in an electronic system. An FMI and a CID identify the type of fault.Flash Programming - This is a means of reprogramming the personality module in the ECM without needing to replace the module.Failure Mode Identifier (FMI) - An FMI is a diagnostic code that identifies the type of failure that has occurred. The FMI consists of the letter "F" and two digits. This code is shown on the message display when you press the "F1" key on the keypad.Fuse - A fuse is a replaceable safety device for an electrical circuit.Ground - A ground is any part of a wiring circuit that accidentally touches a part of the machine frame.Grounded Circuit - A grounded circuit is a connection of any electrical unit to any part of the machine. In a grounded circuit, the

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