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2332985 STEP AS Caterpillar parts M313C, M315C, M316C, M318C, M322C STEP
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Caterpillar 2332985 STEP AS

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WHEELED EXCAVATOR  M313C   M315C   M316C   M318C   M322C   Caterpillar
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(5) Receiver-dryer (6) Inlet for refrigerant (7) Outlet for refrigerant (8) Desiccant (9) Strainer (10) Tube of receiver-dryer (11) Tank of receiver-dryerReceiver-dryer (5) consists of tank (11), desiccant (8), strainer (9) and tube (10) .Receiver-dryer (5) - The liquid refrigerant of high pressure and high temperature exits condenser (4). The refrigerant then passes through receiver-dryer (5). Inside the receiver-dryer, liquid refrigerant passes a strainer (9) and desiccant (8) which can absorb a small amount of moisture.Desiccant (8) (drying agent) - Moisture in the cooling circuit can cause many problems: deterioration of the compressor, deterioration of the compressor oil, corrosion of metallic components and clogging of the expansion valve. The cooling circuit utilizes synthetic zeolite as a desiccant. The desiccant (8) absorbs moisture that enters the circuit during charging of the system. In the event of a frozen expansion valve, the desiccant is deteriorated. If desiccant (8) is not effective, replace the receiver-dryer.
If the refrigerant system has been open to the outside air (without being plugged) for more than 30 minutes, the receiver-dryer must be replaced. Moisture will enter an open refrigerant system and cause corrosion which will lead to component failure.
Note: Refer to Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Maintenance Interval Schedule" for the proper intervals for replacement .Strainer (9) - Any amount of dust or debris that enters the cooling circuit causes clogging of expansion valve (28). When a refrigerant compressor is failing, debris may be created. The cooling system will not cool adequately. Strainer (9) filters the dust and debris out of the refrigerant. Strainer (9) is not serviceable.Tank (11) of receiver-dryer (5) - The revolution of the compressor varies greatly in response to engine speed. Accordingly, an adequate amount of refrigerant in the cooling circuit varies. The tank (11) of receiver-dryer receives varying amounts of refrigerant. When the cooling system is not in need of much refrigerant, the remaining refrigerant is temporarily stored in tank (11) of receiver-dryer (5). When the cooling system requires additional refrigerant, the tank of the receiver-dryer sends out refrigerant to the cooling tank. Tank (11) also stores an excess amount of refrigerant in order to replenish small amounts of refrigerant that has leaked out of the system. Such leaks are caused by the balance of refrigerant charge or porous rubber hoses.

Caterpillar parts catalog:

Caterpillar parts catalog
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Parts step Caterpillar catalog:

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