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TANK & MTG GP-FUEL 2278065 - Caterpillar

2278065 TANK & MTG GP-FUEL Caterpillar parts 325C TANK
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Caterpillar 2278065 TANK & MTG GP-FUEL

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EXCAVATOR  325C   Caterpillar
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Illustration 1 g00939516
(1) Swing motor (2) Left travel motor (3) Right travel motor (4) Grapple cylinders (5) Solenoid valve (grapple control) (6) Pressure switch (grapple cylinders) (7) Pilot control valve (travel) (8) Grapple rotator (9) Stick cylinder (10) Heel cylinder (11) Boom cylinders (12) Pressure switch (left travel) (13) Pressure switch (right travel) (14) Swivel (15) Stick drift reduction valve (16) Main control valve (17) Boom drift reduction valve (18) Pilot valve (straight travel) (19) Pressure switch (straight travel) (20) Control valve (grapple rotate) (21) Main relief valve (22) Proportional reducing valve (negative flow control) (23) Accumulator (24) Reducing valve (boom priority mode or swing priority mode) (25) Auxiliary pump (grapple) (26) Pressure sensor (left pump) (27) Pilot oil manifold (28) Travel speed solenoid valve (29) Swing parking brake solenoid valve (30) Valve (31) Solenoid valve (hydraulic activation) (32) Left pump (view from shaft end) (33) Case drain filter (34) Pilot relief valve (35) Pilot filter (36) Right pump (view from shaft end) (37) Pilot pump (38) Fan pump (39) Pilot control valve (swing and stick) (40) Pilot control valve (boom and heel) (41) Pressure switch (42) Relief valve (fan motor) (43) Slow return check valve (44) Bypass check valve (45) Return filter (46) Hydraulic oil cooler (47) Fan motor (48) Hydraulic tank (49) Pressure sensor (right pump) (50) Proportional reducing valve (power shift pressure)Hydraulic Pump Flow and Pressure Control System
Illustration 2 g00938668
Pump compartment (32) Left pump (36) Right pump (37) Pilot pump (38) Gear pump (fan motor) (50) Proportional reducing valve (power shift pressure) (51) Delivery line (right pump) (52) Delivery line (left pump)This machine is driven and controlled by the following systems.
The main hydraulic system controls the cylinders, the travel motors, and the swing motor.
The auxiliary hydraulic system controls the grapple rotator.
The pilot hydraulic system supplies oil to the main pumps, the main control valve, the swing brake and the travel motors.
The electronic control system controls the outputs of the engine and pump.
The hydraulic oil cooling system provides oil to the fan motor in order to cool the hydraulic oil.The main hydraulic system delivers oil flow from right pump (36) and left pump (32) in order to control the following components: grapple cylinders (4), heel cylinder (10), stick cylinder (9), boom cylinders (11), right travel motor (3), left travel motor (2) and swing motor (1).
Illustration 3 g00860244
Main control valve (21) Main relief valve (53) Right control valve body (54) Left control valve bodyRight pump (36) and left pump (32) are variable displacement piston pumps. The performance of both pumps is equal.Right pump (36) is directly connected to the engine by a flexible coupling. The right pump delivers oil to the right control valve body (53) of the main control valve. Left pump (32) is mechanically connected to the right pump through gears. The left pump delivers oil to the left control valve body (54) of the main control valve. Gear type pilot pump (37) supplies oil to the pilot hydraulic system. Gear type fan pump (38) supplies oil to

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Caterpillar parts catalog
325C LCR Mobile Hydraulic Power Unit BKW00001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY 3126B Engine

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