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9V9637 TANK GP-FUEL Caterpillar parts 980C TANK
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Caterpillar 9V9637 TANK GP-FUEL

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WHEEL LOADER  980C   Caterpillar
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Personal injury or death can result from escaping fluid under pressure.Escaping fluid under pressure, even a very small pin-hole size leak, can penetrate body tissue and cause serious injury and possible death. If fluid is injected into your skin, it must be treated immediately by a doctor familiar with this type of injury.Always use a board or cardboard when checking for a leak.
Attach the fabricated particle counter "low pressure in" suction tube to the S O S Valve (8) on the test bench.Note: The fabricated suction tube can be made with parts listed in Table 4 and shown in Illustration 15.
Attach the opposite end of the fabricated suction tube to the "low pressure in" port on the portable particle counter. This procedure is called out in the Tool Operating Manual.
Illustration 16 g01159944
Start the test bench.
Slowly open the supply flow level (8) until the supply reaches full flow.
Illustration 17 g01173568
If the test bench is not supplying 189 L/min (50 US gpm) to 227 L/min (60 US gpm) of flow from the gear pump, adjust the supply valve pressure regulator shown as (6). Refer to Illustration 17.
Operate the test bench at maximum flow until the oil cleanliness level of ISO 16/13 has been met, or until the time interval has been reached.Note: Be sure to monitor the indicator gauge for the oil filters as the 198-3188 Filters may clog.Note: Refer to "Oil Filtration Time When a Portable Particle Counter is Not Available" at the end of this document to obtain estimated filtration times when a portable particle counter is not available.Note: The dealership S O S lab may also be used. Refer to Contamination Control Guideline, SEBF8482 for the correct bottle sampling procedures.
Once the oil is at ISO 16/13 or the time interval has been met, disconnect the 25.4 mm (1 inch) XT-5 high-pressure test hose from port (2) and disconnect the return oil adapter. Cap the hose ends for cleanliness.
Remove the oil adapter for the return. Store the adapter in a place free of contamination.
Disconnect the portable particle counter.
If a portable particle counter was not available, take a final S O S sample.
Remove the 198-3188 Filters. Replace the filters with 9U-5870 Filters.Alternate Procedure using a 173-9842 Filter Cart
Illustration 18 g01159953
Test bench return oil adapter
Install the return oil adapter.
Connect a 1 inch XT-5ES hose from port "2" to the 173-9842 Filter Cart.
Connect a 1 inch XT-5ES hose from the return oil adapter to the filter cart.
Illustration 19 g01159954
Refer to "Filter Cart Procedure" for operating instructions.Oil Filtration Time When a Portable Particle Counter is Not Available
Refer to the following equation if a portable particle counter is not available to track when the contaminant level has lowered to an ISO 16/13 or lower. Use the following equation as a simple duration for the procedure. Do not use the equation as an absolute time or an efficiency result.
Illustration 20 g01173653
Filter time calculation
(A) Test bench oil capacity (

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