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TAPPET 0005557 - Caterpillar

0005557 TAPPET Caterpillar parts TAPPET
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Caterpillar 0005557 TAPPET
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Dashpot Settings and Proper Procedural Adjustment
Tip A: Correction of 3306/3406 standby generator set engines that may go into overspeed during startup (when equipped with dashpot governor arrangements).Discussion
This is a correctable problem that is somewhat characteristic of 3306 and 3406 governors. The oil drains from the dashpot when the engine has been idle for an extended period of time. As the engine cranks, oil is drawn into the dashpot by the moving dashpot plunger. Oil pressure is not an issue because the dashpot plunger draws unpressurized oil from a cavity in the governor housing. If the dashpot does not fill before the engine reaches 1500 RPM, the engine could run-up to the control system's overspeed trip limit and shutdown.To alleviate this problem in the past, dealers have used the following methods:
Used heating blankets in order to keep the governor warm
Changed to a lower viscosity oil
Installed a five-second timer to delay the energize-to-run solenoid from actuatingThe five-second delay provides five seconds of cranking time before the engine starts. These five seconds allow the dashpot time to fill.If equipped, the 1724 Actuator Linkage can be moved to the shutoff lever (with modifications to the linkage arrangements). The 1724 would then be able to hold the speed down when the Caterpillar governor goes unstable during startup (before there is enough oil in the dashpot). A jumper would also need to be added so that the engine goes straight to high idle upon startup. This jumper should be connected to Terminal 9 and Terminal 10 on the Woodward 8290 Control. This is the easiest fix for critical standby applications.If the unit does not have the 1724 option, add the timer (refer to the Solution Section below. Also confirm that the dashpot check valve is not reversed. Note: The dashpot check valve is used only on 3304 and 3306 models.The dashpot check valve allows you to draw oil into the governor's dashpot during cranking so that the dashpot is full before the engine reaches 1500 RPM. The dashpot will fill slower than normal under the following conditions:
The needle valve is adjusted so that it is nearly closed
The oil is cool/cold and of relatively heavy weightThe needle valve should be turned clockwise until it is completely closed. When the needle valve is completely closed (all the way in), back the valve out (counter-clockwise) anywhere between one-half and two full turns. Ensure that you are using the correct oil and that the needle valve is adjusted correctly. Note: Certain emissions-certified arrangements have a Woodward 524 Actuator. The Woodward 524 Actuator is used to override the Caterpillar governor via the shutoff linkage. This is not a problem on 3304 and 3306 models equipped with a dashpot check valve because the actuator controls the rack.Tip B: Check 3306B generator set engine for proper dashpot screw adjustment.
For 3306B dashpot screw adjustment, refer to Testing and Adjusting, RENR1287, "3306B Generator Set Engine".Solution
Perform the following steps for Solutions that can be administered for non-critical standby applications.
The high voltage that is produced

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