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TRANSMISSION AS 1247328 - Caterpillar

1247328 TRANSMISSION AS Caterpillar parts 45, 55 TRANSMISSION
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 1247328 TRANSMISSION AS
Weight: 1900 pounds 861 kg.

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CHALLENGER  45   55   Caterpillar
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Illustration 1 g00928705
(1) Fuel priming pump (2) Fuel filter housing (A) Outlet for the return to the fuel tank (B) Outlet for the supply for the fuel injection pump The pressure test measures the output pressure of the fuel priming pump. Low fuel pressure and starting difficulty may be indications of problems with the fuel priming pump.Check the Function of the Fuel Priming Pump
Make a note of the location of the fuel lines from the fuel priming pump. Remove the two lines from the outlets (A) and (B) .
Connect two lengths of 5/16 inch rubber hose to outlets (A) and (B) . Place the hoses into a suitable container that is capable of holding 3 L (3.17 qt) of fuel.
Energize the fuel priming pump until a constant flow of fuel is running from the outlet for the supply for the fuel injection pump.Note: The flow from the outlet for the return for the fuel tank will have a slower flow rate.
Measure the combined flow of both outlets with a stopwatch. Fuel flow should be a minimum of 2 L/min (0.53 US gpm).
If the combined flow is less than 2 L/min (0.53 US gpm), replace the pump.
Reconnect the outlet lines in the correct positions.
Start the engine and check for any leakage of fuel or air from the fuel lines.Check the Function of the Pressure Regulator
Remove the fuel line from the outlet for the supply for the fuel injection pump (B) .
Install a pipe with a tap for a pressure gauge. Connect a 0 to 80 kPa (0 to 12 psi) pressure gauge.
Start the engine and run the engine at idle for two minutes in order to remove any trapped air.
Record the pressure reading at idle and at high idle. The minimum pressure reading should be the following values:Bosch VP30 Idle ... 25 kPa (3.63 psi) high idle ... 25 kPa (3.63 psi)Note: The maximum pressure for the inlet to the fuel injection pump is 75 kPa (10.88 psi).
Reconnect the fuel line. Run the engine at idle for two minutes in order to remove any trapped air.Check for the following issues if the pressures are outside of the above specifications.
All electrical connections are installed correctly.
There are no leaks in the fuel lines or connections.
The O-ring on fuel filter housing (2) does not leak.

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