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TUBE 1246023 - Caterpillar

1246023 TUBE Caterpillar parts 825G, 826G, 980G TUBE
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 1246023 TUBE
Weight: 0.20 pounds 0 kg.

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Compatible equipment models: 1246023:

WHEEL LOADER  980G   Caterpillar
Number on catalog scheme: 7
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Remove two nuts (11) and the washers. Nuts (11) are located under reflectors (9) and (10) .
Remove bumper (6). Weight of the bumper is 32 kg (70 lb).
Illustration 10 g00773192
Illustration 11 g00773261
Cut tie-wrap (12).
Illustration 12 g00773196
Disconnect wire (13) .
Illustration 13 g00773207
Cut four wire tie-wraps (14).
Illustration 14 g00773210
Disconnect two electrical connectors (15) and (16) .
Illustration 15 g00773211
Disconnect electrical connector (17) .
Illustration 16 g00773212
Remove bolt (18) and the washer. Loosen hose clamp (19). Remove radiator hose (20) .
Illustration 17 g00773214
Remove nut (23). Loosen nut (21). Move governor control cable (22) to the side.
Illustration 18 g00773217
Remove two fuel lines (24) and (25) .
Illustration 19 g00773220
Remove two bolts (26). Bolts (26) secure piston pump (27) to the pump mount.
Illustration 20 g00787048
Use Tooling (B) to remove bolts (26) .
Attach a suitable lifting device of support. Remove the piston pump from the pump mount. Weight of the piston pump is 57 kg (125 lb).
Illustration 21 g00773225
Disconnect electrical connector (28). Disconnect ground strap (29). Connector (28) and ground strap (29) are attached to the pump mount.
Illustration 22 g00773230
Remove bolt (30), washers, nuts and mounts from the rear of the engine.
Repeat Step 25 on the opposite side of the engine.
Illustration 23 g00773240
The machine is a 246. All models will have the same lifting eyes.
Install Tooling (A) to the front and rear lifting eyes of the engine. Remove the engine. Weight of the engine is 320 kg (700 lb).

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