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1246181 TUBE AS Caterpillar parts TUBE
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Caterpillar 1246181 TUBE AS

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Check the Coolant Level
1. The coolant reservoir is located on the right side of the fuel tank.Coolant level should be between the marks on the coolant reservoir. If additional coolant is needed, remove the coolant fill cap of the coolant reservoir and add the appropriate coolant/water mixture as necessary. 2. Open the radiator cap access cover.3. If the coolant reservoir is emptied, add coolant to the radiator. Slowly loosen the fill cap of the radiator to release pressure.4. Inspect the condition of the cap gasket. Replace the cap gasket if necessary.5. Install the radiator cap and close the access cover.6. Inspect the radiator core for debris and clean if necessary. Refer to the next topic for cleaning the radiator core.7. Close and latch the engine hood.Clean the Outside of the Radiator Core
1. Open the access door at the left side of the machine. 2. Check the radiator fins for debris.3. Remove dust or debris from the radiator fins.Pressure air is preferred, but high pressure water or steam can be used to remove dust, leaves and general debris from a radiator. Clean as required by condition of radiator.Refer to Know Your Cooling System, SEBD0518, for more detailed information on cleaning radiator fins.4. Close and latch the access door.Fuel Tank
Drain the Water and Sediment
1. Open the drain valve located under the fuel tank and allow the water and sediment to drain into a container.2. Close the drain valve.3. Dispose drained material according to local regulation.Fill Fuel Tank
Fuel can be added to the tank by removing the fill cap on top of the fuel tank.After completion of refueling, be sure to lock the fuel tank cap to protect against vandalism.Walk-Around Inspection
Inspect Machine
Accumulated grease and oil on a machine is a fire hazard. Remove this debris with steam cleaning or high pressure water, at least every 1000 hours or each time any significant quantity of oil is spilled on a machine.
Keep a close watch for leaks. If leaking is observed, find the source and correct the leak. Check the fluid levels more frequently than the recommended periods if leaking is suspected or observed. Inspect the implement cylinders, linkage and bucket for damage or excessive wear. Repair if damaged. Inspect lights for broken bulbs and lenses. Replace if broken. Inspect and remove any trash build up in the engine compartment.Inspect the cooling system for leaks, faulty hoses and trash build up. Correct any leaks and remove any trash from the radiator.Inspect all engine attachment belts for worn cracked or frayed edges. Replace if worn, cracked, frayed or broken. Check the air filter restriction indicator. If the indicator is in the red zone, service the engine air filter.After servicing, push the reset button to reset the filter indicator. Inspect the hydraulic system for leaks. Inspect the tank, cylinder rod seals, hoses, tubes, plugs, joints and fittings. Correct any leaks.Inspect and repair any final drive leaks. Check the oil level if leakage is noticed.Inspect and repair any swing drive leaks.Be sure covers and guards are

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