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Caterpillar 1C3886 TUBE

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Always replace the fuse with a 6V-7802 or Buss-type KTK-10 Fuse, or damage to the instrument may result.
5. Slide the fuse into the multimeter end of the fuse holder and thread the two fuse holder halves together. The 6V-7801 Fused 10 Amp Test Lead should only be used with multimeters without internal fuses.Calibration
In order to maintain the specifications shown in the section entitled Specifications, it is recommended that the multimeter be calibrated once a year, and also after it is repaired.To calibrate the multimeter, use a DC Calibrator with a voltage range of 0 to 1000Vdc and an accuracy of 0.025% (recommended model - Wavetek 9000 or equivalent). If the necessary equipment is not available, calibration service is available from the Wavetek Corporation Service Center for a fee. Instrument calibration performed at Wavetek is traceable to the National Institute of Standards (NIST).For this service, refer to the topic entitled Shipping Instructions in the Warranty information section at the back of this instruction.1. Perform calibration at an ambient temperature of 25 2°C (77 4°F) and a relative humidity of 80% or less. Allow the instrument to stabilize at this temperature for at least 30 minutes.2. Remove four screws (1) and cover (2).3. Set the output of the DC calibrator for 190mV 0.02% and connect the calibrator to the V-Ohms and COM Input Connectors.4. Turn the Function/Range Switch on the multimeter to the 200mV DCV position.5. Using a small flat-tipped screwdriver, adjust potentiometer (3) until the multimeter digital display reads + 190.0 or + 190.1.6. Disconnect the DC calibrator from the multimeter.7. Install the back cover and four screws.Cleaning the Case and Window
Do not use aromatic hydrocarbons or chlorinated solvents for cleaning. These chemicals will react with the plastics used in the construction of the case.
To clean the front panel and case, use a mild solution of detergent and water. Apply sparingly with a soft cloth and allow to dry completely before using.Storage
If the multimeter is to be stored at temperatures above 50°C (122°F), always remove the battery.
Except for the replacement of the battery and fuses, repair of the multimeter during the one year warranty period should be performed only by the Wavetek Service Center. If the instrument is not performing properly, the following steps should be taken before returning the multimeter for warranty repair.1. Check the battery, fuse and fuse connections.2. Check to see that the Function/Range Switch is in the correct position for the type and range of values to be measured, and that the measurement value is within the capability of the instrument.3. Review and comply with the operating instructions shown in the section entitled Tests and Measurements.4. Inspect the test leads for continuity and the insulation for breaks or cracks. Make sure the test leads are fully inserted into the input connectors.5. Check to see that the ambient environment in which the instrument is being used is within the specifications of the instrument.6. If the decimal point is blinking, the battery is

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