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TUBE AS 2277822 - Caterpillar

2277822 TUBE AS Caterpillar parts TUBE
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Caterpillar 2277822 TUBE AS

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You will need to use electrical extensionleads 271-7828 to reconnect the solenoids to the main harness.Route the electrical harness acrossthe frame, up the post, to the reel. Secure to all of the chain links withplastic cable ties. Refer to illustration above.Refit the old decals and serial identificationplate onto the frame with pop rivets. Refer to the illustration above.Secure the flip chart guides (11) andinstruction sheets to the frame, at the same time install the new loadcharts supplied.If fitted, you will need to removebracket (H) from the rear mount frame and pin (J) from the platform structure;these are not required on Series I Access Platforms.Finally, attach the Swivel Access Platformto the Telehandler and carry out a complete operation check.First you need to remove the air fromthe system..To avoid personal injury, extremecaution is advised while conducting this procedure. There are potentialpinch points between the rear frame and platform structure when swivellingthe access platform. Also there is a hazard to personnel standing nearby.Use extreme caution when removing or loosening hydraulic fittings. Hydraulicfluid may be under potentially high pressure.To remove the air from the hydraulicsystem, place the drip tray below the actuator and loosen both fittingsof the 271-7087 and 271-7088 Tube Assemblies where they connect to theactuator. Operate the swivel controls and rotate fully to one side. Hydraulicoil and air will start to be purged from one of the tube assemblies. Continueto pressurize the system until all traces of air is flushed from this pipe.Tighten this fitting. Repeat the procedure by rotating fully in the oppositedirection. Hydraulic oil and air will start to be purged from the othertube assembly. Flush all of the air out and then tighten the fitting.Next you need to loosen both of thebleed screws (maximum of one turn) on the opposite side of the actuator.Operate the swivel controls to rotate the platform completely to the endof its rotation and then maintain hydraulic pressure. Oil with small airbubbles may be seen. Continue to pressurize the platform in the same directionuntil approximately 2.5Lt (1/2 gal.)has been purged from the actuator.Keep the fittings open and rotate fullyin the opposite direction. Repeat the same procedure as above. After 2.5Lt(1/2 gal.) has been purged, closeboth of the bleed screws before rotating away from the end position. Finallyrotate the platform fully in both directions 3 times.After removing the air, the backlashmeasured at the outer corner should not exceed 150mm (6"). If the backlashlimit is not met, repeat the air removal procedure for the actuator.Once the air has been removed fromthe system, perform a full functional operation check.For full operating instructions referto your telehandlers Operation and Maintenance Manual.If the platform will not swing fullyin one direction this is probably due to the 266-7416 Plate not being boltedin the correct orientation. If this has happened, you will need to removethe actuator and turn the plate and realign with the next hole. When carryingout this functional check, make sure that the 2 hydraulic hoses and theelectrical harness that connect to the Telehandler are not strained, stretchedor trapped

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