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TUBE AS 3598813 - Caterpillar

3598813 TUBE AS Caterpillar parts 314D LCR TUBE
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 3598813 TUBE AS
Weight: 9 pounds 4 kg.

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EXCAVATOR  314D LCR   Caterpillar
Number on catalog scheme: 26
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Start By:a. remove valve covers
Do not let the tops of the fuel nozzles turn when the fuel lines are loosened. The nozzles will be damaged if the top of the nozzles turn in the body.
1. Use Tooling (A), and remove inner fuel injection lines (1). Install caps and plugs on all fuel injection line openings to keep dirt out of the fuel system. 2. Remove seal (2) from fuel injection line (1) if necessary. 3. Remove screw (3) from clamp (4) that holds fuel injection nozzle (5) in position. Clamp (4) cannot be removed until the fuel injection nozzle is lifted approximately 25.0 mm (1.00 in). 4. Remove the fuel injection nozzles with Tooling (B) as follows:a. Install 6V-6983 Adapter(6) and 6V-4152 Screw(7) into nozzle assembly (5). b. Install 6V-6982 Tube Assembly(8) over the 6V-4152 Screw.Use 2S-5658 Washer(9) and 1B-4206 Nut(10) on the 6V-4152 Screwto pull the fuel injection nozzle from the adapter.
A replacement of compression seal washer (11) and of carbon dam seal (12) must be made each time the fuel nozzle is removed. Be sure that the replacement compression seal washer (11) is the same color code and part number as the original compression seal washer. If the wrong thickness washer is used, engine damage could occur. See the topic "Fuel Injection Nozzle and Adapter" in the Specifications Manual for more detailed information.
5. Remove compression seal washer (11) and carbon dam seal (12) from fuel injection nozzle (5).Install Fuel Injection Nozzles
For later fuel injection nozzles, refer to Disassembly and Assembly document, SENR3920, "Fuel Injection Nozzles and Adapters".
*Part of 6V7020 Nozzle Puller Group. 1. Install compression seal washer (1), and use Tool (A) to install carbon dam seal (2) on the fuel injection nozzle.2. Make reference to Special Instruction SEHS7292 for the use of Tooling (C). 3. Use Tool (D) to clean adapter bore (3) for the fuel injection nozzle. Use an open end wrench or a tap driver to turn Tool (D). 4. Install fuel injection nozzle (4) and clamp (5) as a unit. Install the bolt in the clamp to hold it in place. 5. Install O-ring seal (6) on the inner fuel injection line.
Do not let the tops of the fuel nozzles turn when the fuel lines are tightened. The nozzles will be damaged if the top of the nozzles turn in the body.
6. Install inner fuel injection line (7). Use Tooling (B) to tighten the inner fuel line nuts to a torque of 40 7 N m (30 5 lb ft). For more information regarding the fuel injection nozzles, see the topic "Fuel Injection Nozzle And Adapter" in Specification SENR6523. End By:a. install valve covers

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