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TUBE AS 3967629 - Caterpillar

3967629 TUBE AS Caterpillar parts TUBE
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Caterpillar 3967629 TUBE AS
Weight: 10 pounds 4 kg.

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Illustration 2 g00915056
Table 1
Grade of Length Color Length of the Connecting Rod
"F" Red 165.728 to 165.761 mm (6.5247 to 6.5265 inch)
"G" Orange 165.682 to 165.715 mm (6.5229 to 6.5247 inch)
"H" White 165.637 to 165.670 mm (6.5211 to 6.5229 inch)
"J" Green 165.591 to 165.624 mm (6.5193 to 6.5211 inch)
"K" Purple 165.545 to 165.578 mm (6.5175 to 6.5193 inch)
"L" Blue 165.499 to 165.532 mm (6.5157 to 6.5175 inch) If a piston pin bearing requires replacement but the connecting rod does not require replacement, a new piston pin bearing can be ordered. This bearing is partially finished. The hole in the bearing must be machined off-center to the correct distance in order to create a connecting rod assembly that is the correct grade of length.Refer to the Testing and Adjusting manual for the following procedures:
Determine the length of the connecting rod.
Determine the distortion of a connecting rod.
Replace the piston pin bearing.Turbocharged Engines
Serrated Connecting Rods and Flat Connecting Rods
Illustration 3 g00295602
Connecting Rod And Bearings
(1) Inside diameter of rod for bearing ... 43.01 to 43.04 mm (1.693 to 1.694 inch) (2) Outside diameter of bearing for piston pin ... 43.11 to 43.15 mm (1.697 to 1.699 inch)Inside diameter of bearing for piston pin after reaming ... 39.723 to 39.738 mm (1.5639 to 1.5645 inch)Clearance between small end bearing and piston pin ... 0.023 to 0.044 mm (.0009 to .0017 inch) (3) Distance between center of piston pin and center of crankshaft bearing ... 219.05 to 219.10 mm (8.624 to 8.626 inch) (4) Bearing for connecting rod journal Shell thickness ... 1.835 to 1.844 mm (.0723 to .0726 inch)Width of connecting rod bearing ... 31.55 to 31.88 mm (1.240 to 1.255 inch)Bearing clearance ... 0.030 to 0.081 mm (.0012 to .0032 inch) (5) Inside diameter of rod for bearing ... 67.210 to 67.220 mm (2.6460 to 2.6465 inch) (6) Connecting rod cap with nuts and bolts Tighten the nuts for the connecting rod to the following torque: ... 125 N m (92 lb ft)Connecting rod cap with bolts onlyTighten the bolts for the connecting rod to the following torque: ... 155 N m (114 lb ft)Note: If piston cooling jets are installed, the piston and the connecting rod assembly must be turned when the piston and rod assembly are installed. Turning the piston and connecting rod assembly will prevent the connecting rod from hitting and damaging the piston cooling jet. When the connecting rod has passed the piston cooling jet, turn the connecting rod until the arrow or "Front" mark on top of the piston is toward the front of the engine.Hydraulically Fractured Connecting Rods
Illustration 4 g01064497Note: The caps and rods must stay together as a pair.Note: When the connecting rods are replaced, do not reuse the connecting rod bolts. New connecting rod bolts must be used.The mating surfaces of the connecting rod are produced by hydraulically fracturing the forged connecting rod. (7) Tighten the connecting rod bolts to the following torque. ... 18 N m (13 lb ft)Tighten the connecting

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