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5087842 TUBE AS Caterpillar parts TUBE
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Caterpillar 5087842 TUBE AS
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T8b - Alternator Overcharging - Test (Continued)
This test is for alternators without an "IG", "S", or other sense terminal.
Clean the connection to the wiring terminal on the alternator and tighten the connection to the wiring terminal on the alternator.
Verify that the alternator B+ terminal nut is tight and verify that the wire has a good connection to the "B+" terminal.
Run the engine at 75 percent. Allow the engine to run for at least 3 minutes before continuing to Step 4. The following table shows the measurements to be taken during this test.
Table 3
Test Step     Voltage Reading     Voltage should be below this column for a 24 V system    
4 minus 5 =         2.0 V    
6 minus 7 =         1.0 V    
Measure the voltage between the alternator "B+" terminal and the alternator case ground.
Measure the voltage across the battery. Put the red lead on the + battery terminal, and put the black lead on the negative battery terminal. Step 5 should be completed as quickly as possible after Step 4.Expected Result: On 24 V systems, the voltage is within 2 V.Results:
YES: If the voltage in Step 4 is not more than 2 V higher than the voltage in Step 5, this step is complete and the related wiring is correct at this time. Go to Step 8.
NO: If the voltage in Step 4 is more than 2 V higher than the voltage in Step 5, there is high circuit resistance: corrosion, loose connections and damaged wiring. Go to Step 6.
Check the voltage between the frame and the alternator B+ terminal. Record the voltage.
Check the voltage between the frame and the + battery post. Step 7 should be completed as quickly as possible after Step 6. Expected Result: The voltage difference between Step 6 and Step 7 does not exceed 1 V on 24 V systems. Results:
YES: The voltage difference does not exceed the tolerance. The charging circuit is good. The regulator is faulty or the alternator is faulty. Replace the faulty component, and retest the system.
NO: The voltage difference exceeds the tolerance. There is high resistance in the charging circuit: loose cables, corroded cables, damaged cables, faulty circuit breaker and faulty main relay. Correct the problem. Go to "Initial Troubleshooting Procedure" and retest the system.Alternator Specifications
Table 4
Alternator Specifications    
   Peak Current Rating (Amps)    Minimum Peak Current (Amps)    
24 V Alternators    
2P-1204 , 3Y-8200     19     17    
2Y-8310     21     19    
6T-1395 , 7T-2095 , OR-3653     33     30    
6N-9294 , OR-5217 , OR-3482     35     32    
5N-5692 , OR-2698     45     41    
5S-9088 , 100-5047 , 112-5041 , OR-5206 , OR-3667 , OR-3668     50     45    
109-2362 , 9W-3043 ,
OR-3652 (D+), 112-8032     55     50    
3E-7772 (IG), OR-9437 (IG), 105-3132 (IG),

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