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VALVE 2H9109 - Caterpillar

2H9109 VALVE Caterpillar parts D337 VALVE
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Caterpillar 2H9109 VALVE

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MARINE ENGINE  D337   Caterpillar
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8. Put springs (93) and plungers (92) in position in the housing as shown.9. Carefully put shift fork assembly (91) in position on the housing, and install five bolts (90). Tighten the bolts evenly to compress springs (93). 10. If removed, install bearing (89) to a depth of 25.0 1.5 mm (.98 .06 in.) from the outside surface, and install the freeze plug.11. Install bearing (104) to a depth of 13.0 1.5 mm (.51 .06 in.) from the outside surface.12. Install seal (88) with the lip of the seal toward the inside of the housing.13. If pin (103) was removed, install it until it projects 48 1 mm (1.89 .04 in.) from the surface of the housing. 14. Make sure shaft (105) projects 28.0 0.5 mm (1.10 .02 in.) from lever (82).15. Install roller (86) and clip (87). 16. Install the key and lever (85) on shaft (80), and install clamp bolt (84). 17. Install shaft (80), lever (81) and lever assembly (82) in the housing, install the two bolts that fasten the levers to the shaft.18. Install bolt (83). 19. Install dowel (106) that fastens shaft (80) to the housing. Make sure dowel (106) is below the surface of the housing. 20. Install three O-ring seals (79) and the gasket. Install tooling (B), and fasten a hoist to the housing assembly.21. Carefully lower housing assembly (18) and the shift forks into the transmission. Make sure the shift forks engage with the correct shift collar in the transmission as shown. 22. Install bolts (78) that fastens housing assembly (18) to the transmission case. Connect hose assembly (77).23. Install three O-ring seals (76) and the gasket on top of the housing assembly. 24. Install poppet (73), the retainer (not shown), spring (74) and plug (75) in the manifold assembly. 25. Put guide (71) in position in the manifold, and install two dowels (72). Install dowels (72) until they are flush with the outside surface of the manifold.
Drive only on the stamped end of bearings (36). Failure to follow the instructions may cause damage to the bearings.
26. Install two bearings (68) in lever (65). Drive only on the stamped end of bearings (68).27. Install dowel (69) and two snap rings (70). 28. Install bearing (66) into the manifold. Install bearing (66) until it is 55.0 0.5 mm (2.17 .02 in.) from the surface where the shoulder of shaft (67) seats against the manifold.29. Install lever assembly (65) and shaft (67) in the manifold. 30. Lower the temperature of two bearings (64), and install them into the manifold. Install lip-type seal (63) with the lip of the seal toward the inside of the manifold. 31. Put lever (61) in position, and install shaft (62) in the manifold and through lever (61). Be sure shaft (62) engages with the key in lever (61).32. Install clamp bolt (60) into lever (61). 33. If removed, install plug (107), plug (111), plug (109) and

Caterpillar parts catalog:

Caterpillar parts catalog
D337 MARINE ENGINE 23B00300-00455

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