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VALVE GP-PUMP CONTROL 3599300 - Caterpillar

3599300 VALVE GP-PUMP CONTROL Caterpillar parts 988K VALVE
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 3599300 VALVE GP-PUMP CONTROL
Weight: 4 pounds 1 kg.

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IKA Works 3599300 Stainless Steel Ball, 6 mm Diameter, 250 g Weight

30 May 2021
2.2e-0[0.99] Pounds
US: IKA Works
IKA Works 3599300 Stainless Steel Ball, 6 mm Diameter, 250 g Weight
IKA Included with M 20 universal grinder mill || Reliable to use || High Efficiency || Reliable || High level performance
IKA Works 3599300 Stainless Steel Balls, 6mm 250 Grams

16 Jul 2021

US: Ramo Trading & Consulting, Inc.
IKA Works 3599300 Stainless Steel Balls, 6mm 250 Grams
IKA Plastic disposable dispersing elements are available in two sizes
Number on catalog scheme: 28
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WHEEL LOADER  988K   Caterpillar


Never add coolant to an overheated engine; allow engine to cool first.Measure specific gravity of antifreeze solution frequently in cold weather to ensure adequate protection.When permanent antifreeze and water solutions are used in the cooling system, the solution should be drained and replaced EVERY 2000 SERVICE HOURS OR 1 YEAR.When additions of inhibitor are made EVERY 500 SERVICE HOURS OR 3 MONTHS, cooling system drain and refill period can be extended to 4000 service hours or 2 years.The cooling system should contain a 3% concentration of inhibitor at all times, regardless of concentration of antifreeze.If machine is to be shipped to, or stored in, an area with below freezing temperatures, the cooling system must either be protected to the lowest expected ambient temperature or drained completely.Do not use Caterpillar Cooling System Inhibitor with Dowtherm 209 coolant.
The engine cooling system is protected to -20°F (-29°C), with permanent-type antifreeze, when shipped from the factory. Pure undiluted antifreeze will freeze at -10°F (-23°C).Use clean water that is low in scale forming minerals-not softened water. Add Caterpillar Cooling System Inhibitor, or equivalent, to the coolant to provide corrosion protection, regardless of antifreeze concentration.When draining and refilling the cooling system, always measure the coolant level when the engine reaches normal operating temperature.Filling cooling system at over 5 gpm (19 litres/min) rate can cause air pockets in the cooling system.When measuring the coolant level, inspect the filler cap gasket. Replace gasket if it is damaged.Premix antifreeze solution to provide protection to the lowest expected ambient temperature.Operate with a thermostat in the cooling system all year-round. Cooling system problems can arise without a thermostat.Fuel
Fill tank at the end of each day of operation to drive out moisture laden air and to prevent condensation.
Measure fuel level with dipstick in filler opening.Water and sediment should be drained from the tank at the start of each shift, or after the fuel tank has been filled and allowed to stand for 5 to 10 minutes.Drain moisture and sediment from fuel tank as often as required by prevailing conditions.Drain water and sediment from the main fuel storage tank weekly, and before the tank is refilled, to help prevent water and sediment from being pumped from the storage tank into the machine fuel tank.After changing fuel filters, always bleed the fuel system.Engine Air Cleaner
Inspect air cleaner precleaner daily for accumulation of dirt and debris.Service air cleaner when the red band is visible in the air cleaner indicator.Electrical
When using external electrical source to start machines with direct electrical starting, turn disconnect switch off and remove key before attaching cable to emergency starting receptacle.When using jumper cables, be sure to connect in parallel: POSITIVE (+) to POSITIVE (+) and NEGATIVE (-) to NEGATIVE (-).
Make-up hydraulic fluid must mix with fluid in the tank. Use only petroleum products unless machine is equipped for use with special products.Water or air in the hydraulic system will cause pump failure.
If hydraulic oil is cloudy, water or air is entering the system. Purge and refill the system and

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Caterpillar SIS

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