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4646216 VALVE & MTG GP-MAIN CONTROL Caterpillar parts VALVE
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Caterpillar 4646216 VALVE & MTG GP-MAIN CONTROL

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Overhaul Intervals
Some factors that are important for determining the overhaul intervals include the following considerations:
Performance of preventive maintenance
Use of recommended lubricants
Use of recommended coolants
Use of recommended fuels
Proper installation
Operating conditions
Operation within acceptable limits
Engine load
Engine speedGenerally, engines that are operated at a reduced load and/or speed achieve more service life before an overhaul. However, this is for engines that are properly operated and maintained.Other factors must also be considered for determining a major overhaul:
The total amount of fuel consumption
The service hours of the engine
An increase of oil consumption
An increase of crankcase blowby
The wear metal analysis of the lube oil
An increase in the levels of noise and vibrationAn increase of wear metals in the lube oil indicates that the bearings and the surfaces that wear may need to be serviced. An increase in the levels of noise and vibration indicates that rotating parts require service.Note: It is possible for oil analysis to indicate a decrease of wear metals in the lube oil. The cylinder liners may be worn so that polishing of the bore occurs. Also, the increased use of lube oil will dilute the wear metals.Monitor the engine as the engine accumulates service hours. Consult your Caterpillar dealer about scheduling a major overhaul.Note: The driven equipment may also require service when the engine is overhauled. Refer to the literature that is provided by the OEM of the driven equipment. Table 1 lists the maintenance interval schedule for a load factor of approximately 25 percent.
Table 1
Maintenance Interval Schedule
Interval Rated up to 1800 RPM
Top End Overhaul 8,200 Megawatt Hours
2,210,680 L (584,000 US gal)
In-Frame Overhaul 16,400 Megawatt Hours
4,421,361 L (1,168,000 US gal)
Major Overhaul 24,600 Megawatt Hours
6,632,041 L (1,752,000 US gal) Oil Consumption as an Overhaul Indicator
Oil consumption, fuel consumption, and maintenance information can be used to estimate the total operating cost for your Caterpillar engine. Oil consumption can also be used to estimate the required capacity of a makeup oil tank that is suitable for the maintenance intervals.Oil consumption is in proportion to the percentage of the rated engine load. As the percentage of the engine load is increased, the amount of oil that is consumed per hour also increases.The oil consumption rate (brake specific oil consumption) is measured in grams per kW/h (lb per bhp). The brake specific oil consumption (BSOC) depends on the engine load. Consult your Caterpillar dealer for assistance in determining the typical oil consumption rate for your engine.When an engine's oil consumption has risen to three times the original oil consumption rate due to normal wear, an engine overhaul should be scheduled. There may be a corresponding increase in blowby and a slight increase in fuel consumption.Severe Operation
Severe operation is the use of an engine that exceeds current published standards for that engine. Caterpillar maintains standards for the following engine parameters:
Range of rpm
Fuel consumption
Fuel quality
Maintenance intervals
Selection of oil
Selection of coolant
Environmental qualities
InstallationRefer to the standards for your engine or consult your Caterpillar dealer in order to determine if your engine is operating within the defined parameters.Severe operation can accelerate

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