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WINDOW GP-DOOR 4645061 - Caterpillar

4645061 WINDOW GP-DOOR Caterpillar parts WINDOW
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Caterpillar 4645061 WINDOW GP-DOOR

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A. Application
1. For average conditions, with light to medium amounts of rust and other material, use a 10% solution (1 part cleaner to 9 parts water).2. For heavy amounts of rust and other material, a stronger solution of 20% (2 parts cleaner to 8 parts water) can be used if needed.
If there are galvanized, zinc, or cast aluminum surfaces in the cooling system, do not use a solution stronger than 10% (1 part cleaner to 9 parts water). A weaker solution can be used, if necessary. Get recommendations from the manufacturer before use of the cleaner in these systems.
3. To clean the cooling system, the temperature of the solution in the system must be between a minimum of 160°F (71°C) and a maximum of 250°F (121°C) in a pressurized system. For best results, operate the system with the solution at a temperature between 180°F (82°C) and 200°F (93°C).4. The cleaner will remove some light oils from the system, but heavier oils must be removed with a solvent or other degreaser before the cleaner is put into the system. Where available, a good degreaser to use is a non-foaming (without bubbles) detergent, like automatic dishwasher detergent.B. General Procedure.
The procedure that follows is for average conditions. For specific problems, get recommendations from the manufacturer.1. Flush the system thoroughly with water until all loose material is removed and the water drains out clear.2. Fill the system with a 10% (1 part cleaner to 9 parts water) solution of cleaner.3. Operate the system with the solution at a temperature in the range of 180°-200°F (82°-93°C). If the system has only light deposits of rust and corrosion, it can generally be operated eight hours in a normal work cycle. If the system has heavier deposits, it must be checked at shorter intervals (possibly one hour or less) because loosened material in the system can plug (close) the cooling passages and/or cause leakage at the water pump seal. This can cause the engine to overheat (become too hot), and the system must be drained, flushed, and again filled with a solution of cleaner.4. Drain the system, then flush with water until the water drains out clear.5. Inspect the system and, if necessary, do Steps 2 through 4 again.6. Fill the system with the desired coolant and corrosion inhibitor.The new type products are especially adaptable to clean marine engine cooling systems that have a keel cooler, which can not be drained. The recommendation is to use these products in this type of system because they give better protection against possible damage to systems that are difficult to flush. The new products also give good results when used to clean cooling systems in other applications. At the present time, two different products of the new type are available as follows:
1. "Cooling System Cleaner" Locc Corporation 905 North Bayshore Drive Coos Bay, Oregon 97420 Telephone: (503) 267-4904
2. "Peak Professional Cooling System Cleaner" Northern Petrochemical Company (at any of these addresses)
10 South Franklin Turnpike Ramsey, New Jersey 07446

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