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Caterpillar 0003563 WRENCH

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The Service Brake Pedal Is Partially Depressed
Illustration 4 g01023636
(1) Electronic control module (ECM) (2) Parking brake switch (3) Spring (4) Brake (5) Spool (6) Line (7) Piston (8) Line (9) Passage (10) Passage (11) Actuator piston (12) Passage (13) Servo valve (14) Left piston motor (15) Low brake pressure switch (16) Line (17) Brake solenoid valve (18) Monitor (19) Line (20) Orifice (21) Line (22) Connector (23) Passage (24) Passage (25) Passage (26) Override solenoid valve (27) Connector (28) Connector (29) Line (30) Front piston pump (31) Connector (32) Rear piston pump (33) Line (34) Passage (35) Passage (36) Connector (37) Actuator piston (38) Actuator piston (39) Orifice (40) Passage (41) Orifice (42) Orifice (43) Passage (44) Orifice (45) Passage (46) Servo valve (47) Passage (48) Passage (49) Connector (50) Service brake pedal position sensor (51) Connector (52) Servo valve (53) Passage (54) Connector (55) Connector (56) Passage (57) Passage (58) Connector (59) Piston (60) Servo valve (61) Actuator piston (62) Spring (63) Brake (64) Right piston motor (65) Switch (AA) Service brake pedal switch (N/C) (BB) Park brake (N/C) (CC) Service brake pedal position sensor (DD) Park brake (N/O) (EE) Service brake pedal switch (N/O) (FF) Parking brake pressure switch (GG) 8 volt sensor supply (HH) Left pump forward steer solenoid (JJ) Left pump reverse steer solenoid (KK) Proportional driver return (MM) Right pump forward steer solenoid (NN) Right pump reverse steer solenoid (PP) Proportional driver return (RR) Left motor solenoid (SS) Right motor solenoid (TT) Proportional driver return (VV) Override solenoid (WW) Parking brake solenoid (XX) 10 volt sensor return (YY) Supply power from the fuse panel (ZZ) + Battery (A1) Ground (B1) Signal (L1) LED for the engine oil pressure indicator (L2) LED for the hydraulic oil filter bypass indicator (L3) LED for the indicator for the hydrostatic system (L4) LED for the parking brake indicator (L5) LED for the alternator indicator light (L6) LED for the air inlet heater indicator lightAs you start to depress the service brake pedal, the duty cycle of the pulse width modulated signal from pedal position sensor (50) decreases. The signal flows from pedal position sensor (50) through connector (49) to wire G745-PK-18. The signal flows through wire G745-PK-18 to ECM (1) through pin 28 of the J2 connector. As ECM (1) interprets the decreased duty cycle, ECM (1) modifies the signals to the servo valves of the pumps and to the servo valves of the motors. ECM (1) starts to decrease the duty cycle of the pulse width modulated signals to servo valve (13) and to servo valve (60). As the duty cycles of

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