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AVSpare Machine Company is a quality supplier of case® aftermarket parts.
140505A1 BOOM
590SM, 590SM+, 590L, 590SL
F3BE0684H E902, F3BE0684J E902, F3BE0684A B001, F3BE0684E B001, F3BE0684A B002, F3BE0684N E903, 7010, F3BE0684N E904, F3BE0684E B003, F3BE0684N E906, STEIGER 380, STEIGER 385, 9010, F3BE0684Q E901, ST...
119625A2 VALVE
5140, 5150, 5220, 5230, 5240, 5120, 5250, 5130
1343659C1 PUMP
5140, 5150, 5220, 5230, 5240, 5120, 5250, 5130
MX135, MX100C, MX100, MX80C, MX110, MX90C, MX120
A166504 PUMP
2290, 2096, 2294, 3294, 1896, 2090, 2094
433902A1 PUMP
85XT, 90XT, 95XT
100034 NUT,M30 x 1.5, Cl 8
9230, 9240, 7010, 7120, 9010, AFX8010, 7230, 7240, 8010, 8120, 8230, 8240, 9120
580SM, 580SL, 580SM+
2290, 2096, 2294, 3294, 1896, 2090, 2094
87391297 KIT
7230, 9230, 7120, 8230, 9010, AFX8010, 7010, 8010, 9120, 8120
550E, 550G, 570LXT, 590, 580SE, 5220, W11B, 580SL, RPZ85, 9010, 590SL, 9010B, 450C, 9020, 9020B, 455C, 4390, 90XT, 4390T, 650, 8840, 95XT, 650G, 580K, 688, 580L, 580SK, 590L, 5120, 860, 550
590SL, 590SM, 590L
480F, 480D, 480E LL, 26D, 480E
721C, 621B, 721B, 621, 721, 621C
R42142 PUMP
1450B, 1150C, 1450, 1455B
L35003 KIT
W24B, W20, 800, W14FL, 825, W14H, W24C, W14, W20B, W18, W20C, W24, W18B, 600
82033774 RADIATOR
MXU115, MXU110, MXU125, MXU100, MXU135
87306757 RADIATOR
FARMALL 120A, MXU130, MXU110, FARMALL 140A, MAXXUM 115, MXU135, MAXXUM 110, FARMALL 110A, MXU115, MAXXUM 100, FARMALL 125A, MXU125, MXU100
MAGNUM 180, MAGNUM 275, MAGNUM 290, MAGNUM 190, MAGNUM 305, MAGNUM 210, MX210, MX215, MAGNUM 215, MAGNUM 315, MX230, MAGNUM 225, MX245, MAGNUM 235, MX255, MAGNUM 245, MX275, MX285, MX305, MAGNUM 260
650G, 850H, 650H, 850G, 750H
A50134 GEAR
850E, 855E, 850, 850G, 750, 850B, 650, 850C, 855C, 650G, 850D, 855D
A62051 PUMP
1175, 770, 1070, 870, 1090, 970, 1170
504203872 CRANKSHAFT
F4HFE613F A012, F4HFE6132 A014, F4HFE613J A017, F4HFE6132 A003, F4HFE613J A006
580E, 580D, 580SD, 580SE
255270A4 MUFFLER,Aspirated
MX230, MX200, MX240, MX285, MX210, MX255, MX220, MX180, MX270

At Machine, we not only offer you premium case® replacement parts, but also exceptional service, outstanding savings, and the support you need to get your order quickly and accurately. Now introducing Quality Rebuilt case® Components. JMC offers many new replacement parts for case® Equipment.
  • Rebuilds are available Off-The-Shelf or by Time & Material
  • Aftermarket or Cat® Original Parts
  • Up to 12 month warranty available; the first 6 months are free
  • At Machine Company, we are fully committed to providing our customers with the highest quality of case® replacement parts.
Our in-stock selection of case® replacement parts includes:
  • case® Pins & Bushings
  • case® Engine Overhaul Kits
  • case® Rebuilt Final Drives
  • case® Rebuilt Transmission
  • case® Long and Short Blocks
  • case® Air/Exhaust Line Items
  • case® Filters
  • case® Hydraulic Pumps
  • case® Piston & Liners, Engine Bearings
  • case® Gasket Kits
  • case® Hydraulic Seal Kits
  • case® Friction and Brake Products
Having difficulty finding what you’re looking for in aftermarket case auto parts? You can order your aftermarket case parts over the phone by contacting our customer service representatives. They are prepared to answer any questions about your order or about the parts for the case that you are repairing. With our exceptional service and experience in the aftermarket auto part sales, we’ve got the lowest prices on case aftermarket auto body parts. Please visit our online catalog of case replacement auto parts to see what we have to offer!

Aftermarket parts are designed to function the same as case OEM parts, but they're manufactured by different companies than those that made the original parts for your vehicle which can save you a lot of money. Although OEM and genuine case parts are usually considered to be of superior quality to aftermarket parts, this isn't true, especially when it comes to case performance parts. Many aftermarket performance parts are designed to outperform their original versions; such as the EBC brakes which are specifically built to give the racing enthusiast the best handling on the track.

Aftermarket case parts have advantages over OEM parts and genuine parts, beyond the savings. Aftermarket parts are often produced by top manufacturers in the parts industry that research why an OEM/genuine part failed in the first place. They then take this information to improve on the design or materials used in their parts; therefore, some case aftermarket parts outperform OEM equivalents.
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