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HOSE;PLASTIC (HT) 4389940 - Hitachi

4389940 HOSE;PLASTIC (HT) Hitachi parts EX60-5(LC), EX60BUN-5, EX70LCK-5 HOSE
Alternative (cross code) number:
Hitachi 4389940 HOSE;PLASTIC (HT)

Buy HOSE;PLASTIC (HT) 4389940 Hitachi genuine, new aftermarket tractor parts with delivery

Compatible equipment models: 4389940:

  EX60-5(LC)   EX60BUN-5   EX70LCK-5   Hitachi
Number on catalog scheme: 09
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Hitachi machinery list:



Shipping Weight (kg)  0.0 
Largest Dimension (cm)  0.0 
Middle Dimension (cm)  0.0 
Smallest Dimension (cm)  0.0 

Parts hose Hitachi catalog:

4196297 HOSE
EX150, EX160WD, EX200, EX400-5, EX60-2, EX60-3, EX60-5(LC), EX60BUN-5, EX70LCK-5, LX100-5, ZX70, ZX70-3, ZX80LCK
9186104 HOSE ASS'Y
EX100-5, EX120-5, EX135USR, EX200-5 JPN, EX225USR(LC), EX60-5(LC), EX75US-5
4406261 HOSE (P1A)
EX60-5(LC), EX60BUN-5
4327923 HOSE (LONG ARM)
EX60LCK-3, EX70LCK-5, ZX75US
EX60-5(LC), EX60BUN-5, EX70LCK-5
4378629 HOSE (P3)
EX60-5(LC), EX60BUN-5, EX70LCK-5
4406262 HOSE (SW)
EX60-5(LC), EX60BUN-5, SR-P1200
EX60-5(LC), EX60BUN-5, EX70LCK-5, ZX850-3, ZX850-3F, ZX870H-3, ZX870H-3F, ZX870R-3, ZX870R-3F
9165879 HOSE ASS'Y
EX60-5(LC), EX60BUN-5
4407139 HOSE;FUEL
EX60-5(LC), EX60BUN-5, SCX700-2, SCX800-2, SCX800HD-2, SCX900-2C3
4414261 HOSE;PLASTIC (6)
EX60-5(LC), EX60BUN-5, ZX850-3, ZX850-3F, ZX870H-3, ZX870H-3F, ZX870R-3, ZX870R-3F
4392190 HOSE (P3)
EX60-5(LC), EX60BUN-5, SR-P600
4387726 HOSE;FUEL
EX300LCLL-5M, EX370LL-5M, EX60-5(LC), EX60BUN-5, EX70LCK-5, HR240G, ZX160LC-3, ZX160LC-3-AMS, ZX160LC-3-HCME, ZX180LC-3, ZX180LC-3-AMS, ZX180LC-3-HCME, ZX200, ZX200-E, ZX210-AMS, ZX210-HCME, ZX210H, Z...
EX150LC-5, ZX160, ZX160LC-3, ZX850-3, ZX850-3F, ZX870H-3, ZX870H-3F, ZX870R-3, ZX870R-3F
4385614 HOSE
EX75UR-3, EX75URLC-3
4401472 HOSE
EX3600-5, EX5500, EX5500-5, ZX230
4396636 HOSE
225CL RTS JD, EX225USR(LC), EX225USRK(LC), RX2300, ZX225US, ZX450, ZX450H, ZX460LCH-AMS, ZX460LCH-HCME, ZX480MT, ZX480MTH
4390222 HOSE
270C LC JD, CX1100, ZX180W, ZX180W-AMS, ZX200, ZX200-E, ZX210-AMS, ZX210-HCME, ZX210H, ZX210K, ZX210N-AMS, ZX210N-HCME, ZX230, ZX240-AMS, ZX240-HCME, ZX240H, ZX240K, ZX250-HCME, ZX270, ZX280LC-AMS, ZX...
4389988 HOSE
EX750-5, EX800H-5
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