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HOSE 4713474 - Hitachi

4713474 HOSE Hitachi parts ZX470LC-5B, ZX470LCH-5B HOSE
Alternative (cross code) number:
Hitachi 4713474 HOSE

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DEA Products 4713474 Suspension Strut Mount, 1 Pack

25 Jul 2021
0.98[0.44] Pounds
DEA Products 4713474 Suspension Strut Mount, 1 Pack
DEA Products Since this part fits select applications, please ensure that it fits yours || DEA Products, Inc has been a trusted manufacturer of engine and transmission mounts in the aftermarket industry for over 30 years || Products are manufactured using the highest quality of raw materials available || All products are tested and will meet or exceed original mount's specifications
Number on catalog scheme: 25
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Compatible equipment models: 4713474:

  ZX470LC-5B   ZX470LCH-5B   Hitachi

Hitachi machinery list:



Shipping Weight (kg)  0.2313 
Largest Dimension (cm)  91.4 
Middle Dimension (cm)  4.6 
Smallest Dimension (cm)  4.6 

Parts hose Hitachi catalog:

4346075 HOSE
EX1200-6, EX225USR(LC), EX225USRK(LC), EX300-5, EX300LC-5M, EX300LCLL-5, EX300LCLL-5M, EX350H-5, EX350K-5, EX370-5M, EX370HD-5, EX370LL-5M, ZX200-3, ZX240-3, ZX330-3, ZX450-3, ZX470LCH-5B
4703931 HOSE
ZW250-5B, ZX470H-3, ZX470LCH-5B, ZX480LCK-3
4448922 HOSE
ZX110, ZX120, ZX125US, ZX135US, ZX200, ZX225US, ZX225US-E, ZX225US-HCME, ZX225USR, ZX470LCH-5B, ZX70, ZX75US
4269803 HOSE
EH5000AC-3-C, EX1900-5, EX1900-6, EX2500, EX2500-5, EX2500-6, EX2600-6BH, EX2600-6LD, LX100-5, LX120-5, LX150-5, ZX185USR, ZX225USR-3, ZX450, ZX470LCH-5B
4426297 HOSE
ZX350K, ZX450LC-3-M, ZX470LCH-5B
4637942 HOSE
EX3600-6, PZX450-HCME, ZR260HC, ZX1800K-3, ZX450-3, ZX450-3F, ZX470H-3, ZX470H-3-HCMC, ZX470H-3F, ZX470LC-5B, ZX470LCH-5B, ZX470R-3, ZX470R-3F, ZX500LC-3, ZX500LC-3F, ZX520LCH-3, ZX520LCH-3F, ZX520LCR...
4669115 HOSE
ZX30U-5A, ZX35U-5A, ZX450-3, ZX470H-3, ZX470LCH-5B, ZX480LCK-3
4603614 HOSE
ZR260HC, ZX200, ZX200-3, ZX225USR, ZX225USR-3, ZX230, ZX240-3, ZX330, ZX330-3, ZX450, ZX450-3, ZX470LCH-5B
4720717 HOSE
ZX200-3, ZX240-3, ZX330-3, ZX450-3, ZX470LCH-5B
4474672 HOSE
SCX400T, SCX400T-C3, SCX500W, VR512, VR512-2, ZW250-5B, ZX160W, ZX160W-AMS, ZX210W-3, ZX210W-3-AMS, ZX210W-3DARUMA, ZX210W-3HCMC, ZX220W-3, ZX250W-3, ZX300W, ZX350W, ZX470LCH-5B
4400852 HOSE
270C LC JD, ZX270, ZX280LC-AMS, ZX280LC-HCME, ZX330, ZX350H, ZX350K, ZX350LC-AMS, ZX350LC-HCME, ZX370MTH, ZX450-3, ZX450LC-3-M, ZX470LCH-5B, ZX500W
4705473 HOSE;WATER
EH3500AC2, EX3600-6
4701577 HOSE
ZX70-3, ZX70-3-HCME, ZX80LCK-3
4701402 HOSE
ZX350K-3, ZX350LC-3-HCME
4700795 HOSE
ZX470-5G, ZX470H-5G, ZX470LC-5B, ZX470LC-5G, ZX470LCH-5B, ZX470LCH-5G, ZX470LCR-5G, ZX470R-5G
4695590 HOSE
ZX75US-3, ZX75USK-3, ZX85US-3
4693023 HOSE
ZX27U-3, ZX27U-3F, ZX29U-3, ZX29U-3F, ZX30U-3, ZX30U-3F, ZX33U-3, ZX33U-3F, ZX35B, ZX35U-3, ZX35U-3F, ZX38U-3, ZX38U-3F
563J7-42011 HOSE
ZW140, ZW140PL, ZW150, ZW150PL, ZW310, ZW310-A, ZW310-HCMF
563E7-62411 HOSE
ZW140PL, ZW150PL
4725703 HOSE;AIR
ZX200-5G, ZX200LC-5G, ZX210H-5G, ZX210K-5G, ZX210LCH-5G, ZX210LCK-5G, ZX240-5G, ZX240LC-5G, ZX250H-5G, ZX250K-5G, ZX250LCH-5G, ZX250LCK-5G, ZX280-5G, ZX280LC-5G
4720159 HOSE
ZX250LC-5B, ZX250LCN-5B, ZX290LC-5B, ZX290LCN-5B
4718284 HOSE
ZX200-3, ZX240-3, ZX330-3, ZX450-3, ZX470LCH-5B
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